Spencer Mission Picture

Spencer Mission Picture

Thursday, August 22, 2013

This letter he wrote us the night he entered the MTC.  He mailed it and we got it earlier this week. 

Aug 14, 2013

Hello y'all

The first day of the MTC has been fun and interesting.  I have yet to receive a companion, so I am in a threesome with Elders Ragazzine, and Woolley.  Elder Woolley is from American Fork also.   My entire district is going to Des Moines also, which is cool.

Just today we had over 850 missionaries enter the MTC. Which included the largest foreign group entering the MTC ever.

I expected to first settle down and then unpack, but instead they threw me into the fire.  Our first devotional, Sister Hacking taught about bringing souls unto Christ.  We stand in proxy for the Lord.  D&C 42:6.

I think this will all be fun :) We've had a couple of district and zone conferences.  We went through a tone of missionary scenarios and learned a lot.  The Spirit is so strong here.  There was a time that we were going through discussions, and the scriptures just come to me. 

I love you all.  I am so excited for the next 2 years.  God be with you til we meet again.

Elder Spencer Allred

Friday, August 16, 2013

Spencer and Richard Aug 14,2013

Spencer on Aug. 15, 2013
Aug 16,2013
I'm having such a blast!  The MTC is so great.  The Elders are awesome and the spirit is even better. 

How was the introduction to the MTC?

They took me through a line and interviewed me about the stuff I brought.  Then they gave me a lot of pamphlets and study guides.  It was actually a lot of fun :) P-Days are on Fridays, so right now i am doing some laundry. :)How did you get your stuff (name tag, room assignment, companion, schedule, etc)?  They gave me a little packet with my name card, room key, companions name, and some cool little stuff that ill be sending home to keep.  My companion didn't show up to last night around 7,  Elder Theriault is such a good guy.  Before he came i was in a trio with Elders Woolley (from AF) and Elder Raggozzine (Magazine with an R).  Also some great guys.  There are 9 people in my district, 6 Elders and 3 Sisters.  All of us are going to Des Moines.

Yes I saw Richard and Bro. Waite.  I've seen Elder Thomas (Cameron) and a lot of others form AF, but still no Ethan. :(  I went to the front desk and got his schedule soo im hoping i will see him.

We are very busy.  The teachers are great and the classes are even better.  They have already taught us so much.  Mission Prep kinda helped but not really...  I feel like it was good but not in the way I expected.

I can write every night hand written letters, and on Sunday and Prep Days I can Email.  The food is great!  They are feeding us very well.  I received my package today at around noon.  All n All, Its been great. 

I love you all. :) <3