Spencer Mission Picture

Spencer Mission Picture

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The latest letter!
Sept. 23, 2013
Hey Everyone.

This week.  It was interesting. 

Monday we had F.H.E at the Smiths house, and played Settlers of Cataan.  It was really fun. Then we saw Betty. She is sooo solid. I CANT believe that her baptism is this weekend! She has come a long way and grows in the Spirit and Faith everyday. 

On Tuesday we did a lot of service.  We gardened for the community garden, worked for the Library. And did all we could for members and random people. We filled out Betty's baptism record, (That was fun).  Betty has been Married twice. Her and Tom, her first husband, were divorced in.... I think the late 50's early 60's. (She was Born in 1931, and old enough to be my Great Grandma!!!) Well she's 81.  Glenn, her Second Husband, died in 1998. And they were married for 20 something years.  So it was really hard asking her questions for her record, about her marriages.  But all is well with her. 

Wednesday I had my first exchange. SOO FUN! Elder Aiasau (a Polynesian) wanted to exchange and be my companion.  He's one of our Zone Leaders and is such a good guy.  I learned a lot from him, he had a different way of teaching.  I cant really explain it, but he has such a way with people that they really open up to him.  He told me after exchanges that he would not be surprised if I were training my next companion. (JOURNAL MOMENT!) elder Weilenmann is such a good guy also! He has taught me so much. After he's done training me I will be sad to let him go. We (Elder Aiasau and I) went and saw Betty which turned out really well. Then we went and saw Elishyia and Dawn.  Please pray for them.  I can't go into what happened.  Just keep them in your Prayers.

Thursday.  We had a Zone Training meeting all on how to use the Members for missionary work.  We've changed our direction as missionaries.  We are to encourage and teach members how to become missionaries,  they are to give us referrals and then both the member and the missionaries go and teach.  We are to have at least 10% of members help us in a ward or branch.  We have 80 members in our Branch, and........20 are helping us! That's 25% member Help, and Waverly Branch is leading the Zone in member help.  However,  the members are still getting used to the idea of referrals.  They really like the excuse, "I have No more friends to share the gospel with. I've shared it with everyone i know."  Sorry, but that's a cop out.  Members NEED to help the missionaries.  It really makes it easy for us to teach lessons, reach goals, and to serve. 

Friday we did some finding. And everyone here is nice, but just not interested. we taught some lessons to a couple of member. But it was kinda a downer day. 

Saturday we had a full day planned with lessons and finding, supper at a members house, all was good.   The Durbans cancelled our supper Witt them. The people we had scheduled with all "became" busy.  We had 2 things that were good though, we did service at Lauretta's ( I USED A CHAINSAW!!) We were cutting some trees down, then we talked to her about the Book of Mormon some more.  She had read the story of Nephi and Laban.  And she called Nephi ( One of Elder Weilenmann's and mine heroes) A schizophrenic, because he had heard voices that told him to kill someone in a very brutal manner. (Slap in the face) Both of us became a "little' frustrated and felt that we should bring out the Big Dog. We are having read 3 Nephi chapter 11, and Moroni 10. We also invited her to Bettys baptism, she is coming :) And we also saw Betty. Which is always good :)

Sunday.........  We had invited 4 investigators to come to church, and all said they would.  Betty showed up, and that was it.  We had Dinner with the Ackersons after church at 1 (we have 9 am church) we committed them to share the gospel with 3 people that week.  Then we went to some investigators places and shared brief messages. At 5:30 we had supper at the Larsens and played apples to apples.  Bro. Larsen is our Branch Mission Leader and we talked more about splitting our area. ( Oh BTW, Were getting sisters next transfer. so its up to us to split our area).

It seems like this week was a success, but in reality. We only met one of our goals.  Soo, ya.  But something I learned this week......  ROTFLSHTIDMHAP (Rolling On The Floor, Laughing So Hard That I Dropped My Hat And Plow)  ;) 

But Seriously,  I learned a lot of ways to deal with people.  In a good way I mean. We are not the Teachers, we are Guides.  Strive to be the FOURTH MISSIONARY!! (Those of you who know/Google it will know what I mean) Priests and Mission Prepers. Read The Fourth Missionary. 

I Love You All.
Elder Allred

Till Next Time
Mom's note**** I didn't get these letters up when I should have. So here are the  latest.
Sept. 16, 2013
Hey guys.
This week has been... different.  We had a couple amazing experiences, and a couple frustrating ones.

To start off. We had Elder Gay from the 70 come and do a Mission Tour.  He Talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and how it effects our lives.  It was such a great experience!! However, a lot of the good stuff, he asked us to keep personal.  So I''m sorry to say that there is a lot that I can't tell you about that.  I hope you'll understand.  That was on Thursday. 

Monday through Wednesday... was ok.  Nothing really happened.  We had a lot of lessons, but most were to members or less actives that couldnt care less. :(  Kinda a Bummer. 

Friday...  Dateline NBC.  They were showing a speacial on Warren Jeffs, and the FLDS. We were soooooooooooooo lucky to have that program on while in the lesson with an investigator, Luaretta.  She kept aksing about Pophets, The Book of Mormon, and she refussed to turn off the program while we were there.  We finally convinced her to turn the volume down at least a little.  My companion handled it very well and answered a lot of her questions. I... Well.  I feel that I could've handled it a little better. I had stuff come to me that I should've said and didn't. Lauretta.. well... She is a 15 year old girl in a 80 yearolds body.  She says that she has read the Bible once and thats good for her. Shes memorized all the "12 comandments" (arent there 10?) And she feels that she can do anything and that the Book of Mormon has no need in her life.  Well...  Eat Drink and be Merry, for tomorrow we die, and it will be well with us. Sound familiar??  I kept quiet, until the end of the visit and until I got on the phone with Betty Spears ( 81 Year Old).  And Guess what she had been watching that night?!  

She was asking questions about Warren Jeffs and etc. I finally blew up on her. (my bad).  I had been so frustrated with the visit before, and now our Faithful Betty was being indoctrinated with these Falsehoods and Evils.  She asked what I thought of Warren Jeffs, and I told her that he is as far as a Prophet as anyone could be, and that he was as a full Anti-Christ.  I love Betty.  She than says to me. "Elder Allred.  Calm down.  I dont believe that a Prophet of God would do so horrible of things as this man has.  We have a prophet today.  We have Thomas S. Monson.  Calm down. I know that he is the Lords Prophet. SO STOP YOUR WORRYING!"           I needed that.  It's amazing to see how the Devils work and tools can lach a hold and bring down some,then Backfire, and end up strengthening the testimony of another. 

BUT>>>>  Both my companion and I needed a spiritual boost.  On Thurs. we got a call from the branches YM Pres. And after this phone call. This Sat we took a 3 hour drive to Nauvoo with the youth of the branch. And Specifically, the Temple :) :) :D Soo cool!!  We definitely needed this.  Its Tradition that every missionary who goes, buys the "Mission Ring" (Pics Below)  So we both got one. AND, I bought the 1830's version of the Book of Mormon!!! It is soo Cool!!

Then Yesterday (Sunday) We had yet another bummer day.  This Week has indeed been Bitter/Sweet. 

But.. Something cool.  Both my companion and I, after much prayer, feel that we will have a lot of success this week.  So please keep us and the good people of Iowa in your prayers.


Betty: (81 Year old)  She is sooo Great and Solid!  She is so excited for the 28th.  She keeps asking if we could practice for it, so she doesnt mess up :)  I love it!!

Betty: (Guatemala)  She is gone.  Well Kinda.  She is visiting Guatemala for 3 weeks so were trying to meet with her husband (He Stayed). But so far nothing.  Betty however. Asked if she could have the Lessons when she gets back. and she wants to keep cutting our hair.

Dawn:Shes doing well.  She was hospitalized for a day tho. She had an asthma attack.

Elishyia (Dawns Daughter):  Is doing Great. She is excited to be baptized, howver, we are still struggling to get her to church.

To the Priests:  I just realized, You might not be getting these.  Oh well.  To the Priests and all those who read this:  You have been so much of a help to me. You have seen me grow, and grew up with me.  I have been strengthened by each of you.  Remember, REMEMBER the Lord.  He is above all and yet With all.  He will Not leave us, There is never a time in our lives that he is not carrying us.  There are only one pair of footprints in the sand, and those are his. 

Keep reading, studying, and Please.  Keep The Faith, Hold to Rod.

Semper Fidelis and Kia Kaha.

Till Next Time
Elder Allred


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sept. 9, 2013
Where to start?

Life here is so great! It's not too humid, and ranges 70-85 degrees.

So to begin with the good stuff: Betty (the 81 year-old) is being baptized on the 28 of September!!  My companion has been here in Waverly since March, and has been teaching and working with her since May.  And he said that it was a true blessing for Her that I showed up.  Apparently his last companion was doing more damage than good.  So 5 days into the field and we have a baptismal date. 

 On Saturday, everything did not work out for us. People were just canceling appointments, we changed from service cloths to proselyting cloths at least twice. Finally we said ENOUGH.  We were in our service cloths and I did not want to change back.  So we than prayed to run into someone of need of service.  I felt prompted to go to the Larsens (Our Branch Mission Leader).  They weren't even home. But when my companion turned around to leave, he saw that a neighbor lady was working in her yard painting. :D. So we ran over and asked if we could help with something. Her immediate answer was, How Much?. After chuckling a little, we said service is for free, and for about an hour and half we did yard work and redecorating for her.  Her name is ..... Betty. She is from Guatemala and English is her Second language.  And it just so happened that I had a Spanish Book of Mormon (Dont ask, I just did, is that wrong?) So we gave her El Libro de Mormon. With our phone numbers in it.  Then she asked one of the greatest questions of ALL time.  Do we need haircuts?  She is a worker at SmartStyle in Walmart , and felt that she needed to give us haircuts.

After saying that we did, we scheduled a time that we could come back over to her house and get our Haircut. 

So it's starting to be a decent day, grant its like 6:00pm and were almost done.  So we went to see a lady named, Windy, she has had A LOT of trials lately, I cant go into detail because of them.

So we go to her house, and shes not there.  But her husband said that we can come back later in the week. So theres a plus.

At about 8, We than taught a 14 year old girl named,Elishyia (Alisha) She's the daughter of a recent convert. She came right out in the beginning of the lesson of the Restoration, and said that she believes in science.  We than explained to her that God is the Ultimate Scientist.  He had to know that glucose and hydrogen, makes water (I have a lot to learn) :P.  We then bore our testimony of Joseph Smith, and I invited her to be baptized... 

I said: "Elishyia, will you follow the example of your mom.."


(hold on, I haven't finished my question) "....And the example of Jesus Christ..."


(Seriously again?) "... And be Baptized by someone holding the proper authority of God?"


She was soo excited to be Baptized, she said yes 3, (THREE!) times. SOOO COOOL :)  The spirit was soo strong.  We then asked if she could be baptized on the first weekend of October. Our mistake. Conference is that weekend. So we asked about the second week, then later was reminded about Youth Conference that weekend.  SO Elishyia is gonna be baptized in the THIRD week of October. Hopefully. Please pray that nothing gets in Her way.

This was ALL on Saturday. 

Sunday:  Our Branch yesterday had 75 people show up to church yesterday.  Talk about Culture Shock!!  Betty (81) has become a Grandma to Elder W, and I.  Were at her house everyday and we eat lemon poppy seed muffins and continue to teach her about the gospel. So we went to her house later that day and told her about our day on Saturday, we just took it easy.  Than we were asked about a lunch appointment at 2, (FREE FOOD) so we went and ate spaghetti and played games. Then were asked by a different family for a 4 o clock dinner also that day (MORE FREE FOOD) So we graciously said yes and went to eat dinner at 4.  We had salad, garlic bread, and spaghetti.  Needless to say, Caleb would be in Heavan!! We than talked about our day more, and went to the apartment to relax for the rest of the night.  We studied and calculated our numbers/goals.  We did really well. We gained 2 new investigators, taught 8 lessons, shared 2 Book of Mormons. And have 2 baptismal dates set. Really good for one week and this area.

To the Priests and Future Missionaries: If you get anything from this, get this.  God is in control.  The Spirit guides and directs everything in a mission.  You cannot have a successful mission without the Spirit. Attitude and Effort are in EVERYTHING. Do not forget that.

I love you ALL.
Till next time.
Elder Spencer Duane Allred

ps. RISE AND SHOUT!!!! O.Y.M!!!  (and..... Go COUGS)


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Here a few pictures Spencer sent us this morning with his email.
Spencer and Ethan in the MTC

Spencer and his District
Spencer, Elder W and Ms. B

***We wanted to be careful with names, so I just used their first initial.***

Hello Ya'll,

Things are going great!!! We got in the Des Moines airport around 1pm and had a very warm welcome from President and his Wife, they are so great!  We then went to the mission home for an orientation and preparation for the next days transfer meeting.  All the Elders except 4 went and stayed with the AP's, and the 3 other Elders and myself stayed at the mission home with President Jensen, and all the Sisters.

The next day we went to Iowa City for transfers, that meeting was so great. We learned a lot of cool stuff, and had a blast watching everything happen with getting our companions.  I was transferred to Waverly, IA, with Elder Weilenmann as my companion and Trainer.  As President told me, "I have been Birthed". Waverly is about 2 hours out of Iowa City, and what a drive.  Iowa is actually pretty cool. It has a lot of rolling hills, lots of trees in some areas, and surprisingly... CORN, LOTS of Corn.  But Waverly is a small town with a predominately Lutheran background.

My first day (Thursday), we met with Ms. B, an 81 year old woman who is Methodist. (however you spell it). And she's pretty great.  She told us that she did not want to make any commitments to any church unless God said so.  We've met with everyday so far after that.  We then on Sat. invited her to church. Which she said yes, and apparently she has gone to church every week since June.  We then had an AMAZING spiritual experience with her. We read Moroni 10:4-5, and she said that she would pray about Baptism , and that on Sunday we would see her answer on her face. She then expressed her feelings that she wanted a lesson on the Holy Ghost.  At that moment Elder W and I have the biggest grin on our faces. Previously that morning, before going out, we had prayed about what Ms. B needed to hear, and we felt a prompting to write down "Ms.B-The Holy Ghost and the role it plays in our lives" in our planners.  After showing her what we wrote that morning, we left Ms. B in the spirit and let her think about what took place.

So the next day (Sunday) we get up for a 9:00am church meeting and beeline it to Ms. B's house to pick her up for church. She answered the door to let us in, and she said that she had prayed and felt nothing. 

What a disappointment. :(  we then went to church, and felt like Elder W and I should revisit Ms.B again that day.  So we went over later on Sunday and just talked to her about the promptings of the Spirit. We bore her our testimonies and shared our favorite scriptures, and the Joseph Smith story. And Boldly told her that she has already received her answer.  After a minute or two of silence, She asked what to wear for baptism, and asked us to pray for a date. :D.  SOO Exciting!  It has taken from the END of May till September to have her finally commit to Baptism.

Lesson Learned: Be Bold. Follow the Spirit, and (DAD ;) ) Patience is key in everything. 

So far I am 6 days in the Field, and things are going great! 

Later today were meeting with a 12 year old (Miss A) to invite her to Baptism, and some other Progressing Investigators.  The Rock of the Savior is on the Move!! 

To the Priests Quorum:  STUDY, STUDY, STUDY! Read Preach my Gospel. Take Notes in Seminary and learn the Gospel to the point that you can explain it to a child in sunbeams. So far, one of the Hardest things I have to learn, is simplicity. Make the Gospel so simple that it literally rolls off the tongue.

Love You ALL,
Till Next Time.
Elder Allred
We are so excited we got 2 letters from Spencer this week.  He sent us one the night before he left the MTC and then we got an email today from him.   
Here is his letter from the MTC:

Aug. 27,2013

Last Day.  We leave for Iowa at 3:00 in the morning on Aug 28.  The MTC has been fun.  I've learned a lot of stuff about missions and about me.   The best advice for the MTC I can give is to read the scriptures and know the concepts of the Gospel, so that you can explain them so simply that a 7th grader could understand.  I love you all.  I am so excited to be leaving.  Everyday here is the same thing over and over again.  So sorry there's nothing new to share.  The entire box of goodies is gone ( Thanks again)  We are just finishing packing. 

Elder Allred