Spencer Mission Picture

Spencer Mission Picture

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nov. 25, 2013
Mauri my Friends and Family!!!!!!
Transfers were this last Thursday. Elder Weilenmann went to Fairfield Iowa as a Zone Leader, and I have been blessed with Elder Tekenene from the Gilbert Islands.  Things have been positive for us.  We are meeting with a lot more members, whether they are Active, Less Active, or Part-Member.  We are not finding NEW investigators off the street. We are finding them in the homes where the gospel either is or once has been in.
Things are different with Elder W gone. We are out of the apartment at 10 instead of 11 (Because Im done training) and because Elder T, has never been in Waverly,  It's  MY job to schedule the first week or so.  OH and he has no licence since he lives on an island. So I am now the Companionship driver. :) It's been fun.  The coldest it has gotten is about 5 degrees in the day and -2 at night.  This week will be a little warmer at around 20 degrees and about 10 at night :) So I am now an Elder-Pop.  With the Humidity here, it soooo cold.  But we get through it. :) 
We have a date set with Nick, for Dec. 14.  But sad to say, Elishyia is on the verge of dropping us.  She went to Solid as a Rock to Softer than the Sand.  :( Please pray for her.  She's been so great and we don't want to loose her.

To the Priests (I havent done this in a while) : Study the third missionary lesson in P.M.G.  Then please report to the Bishop or to me. (I'ld like to hear about it.)  I can Promise that if you sincerely study it, you will gain a better testimony of OUR Savior and the Atonement. Love YOU!!
To the Members: Search for and PRAY for missionary experiences.  Every time you share your testimonies, you WILL be blessed for it.  The greatest thing that we can do as members to share the gospel, is to share our testimonies.
Non-Members:  Remember our Savior Jesus Christ.  He atoned for all because He loves us.  God blesses our families and He, Christ and the Holy Ghost are ONE in purpose. I extend a Missionaries invitation and promise.  Read Moroni 10:3-5.  Our church is not one to replace religions or faith. Simply to add to the faiths that you do have.  We want to help build that faith. And if you will ask in faith about the Book of Mormon, or this Church. By the Power of the Holy Ghost, you will know that these things are true.  I can promise that. I can promise that because I have done it. I can say that I KNOW these things are true because I followed the Invitation.  Please do so with faith.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nov. 18, 2013  No Mountain High Enough
Hello Family!
This week has been such a great week! We've seen the rags go to riches.
Brother Larson (our Branch Mission Leader) had a son come home from Sweden this week. That was a big blessing for us, because he still has the missionary flame and is a tremendous help for us finding people. 
We've been preparing for transfers coming up, so we are visiting a lot of members just in case we may not see them again.  Elder W received a call from President, and will be leaving on Thursday. And I have yet to hear if I'm staying or not.  But Elder W has been in Waverly for 9 months and it's only 3 for me.  So I doubt that I'll be leaving.
We have some amazing members here that are working hard with helping us.  We've had lessons in their home a couple times this week. An investigator, Nick, is going really strong.  We set a date with him for Dec. 14. AND he came to church this last week, which is HUGE for him because he's super shy.
As we've met with him more, he's becoming a lot more open to socializing. Which is great!  The Ackersons have been a huge help with him. I'm so grateful for members who are  willing to help us out in any way they can.  President Jenson is sure to let the members know, that ANY part they had with the baptism of investigators (Recent Converts) is recorded in heaven and that WE will have joy in helping save that soul.
Well.  We've reached the peak of our mountain, and are once again witnessing the great power and mercies of God.  He love us ALL, and will never abandon us.  Along with our blessings, we have had some struggles along this path.
Windy, has gone through some horrible stuff lately.  We went and visited her (which was the first time since September) And she actually opened the door to us.  We had a silent lesson with her, and just let the spirit work on her.  We had her read scriptures and talk out her problems.  And right before we left, she says to us that Her heart knows that this church is right, her head just doesn't agree.  So now we're working with her and just being there for her. 
This Gospel blesses families.
I issue an Invitation: Find a Preach My Gospel, and PLEASE study the Gospel of Jesus Christ missionary lesson.  AKA: the Doctrine of Christ. I can promise that as you do so, you will receive a greater understanding of Christ and His atonement. It will help us be better people.  This Gospel is set on The Doctrine of Christ.
I love this work.  I have seen so many blessings that have come from it.  I thank you all for your examples to me and for all the letters and news :) Thank you all so much.
22 And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the atestimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he blives!
This is My testimony.
Elder Allred.
From President Jenson: 
Since there are no transfers during the month of December, please have your family and friends send your Christmas packages directly to your apartment.  Transfers are on November 21, so when you send out your weekly email on November 25, please inform your family of your current address and tell them to send your packages to that address.  We strongly recommend using Priority Mail, as there is always a chance of an emergency transfer.  Again, we remind you that packages sent Priority Mail or 1st Class are the only packages that can be forwarded.  Packages sent “Standard Post” or “Parcel Post” cannot be forwarded, and UPS and FedEx do NOT offer forwarding service.  Note that most items ordered on line are sent via UPS or Fed Ex.  Zone Conferences start on December 10th, and that is the last chance a package has to get to you before Christmas if we cannot forward it.  Any package that arrives at the Mission Office after December 9 that cannot be forwarded will not get to you until Transfers on January 2, 2014.  We know how important your packages are to you, and we try our best to get them to you as quickly as possible.  However, the number of packages that cannot be forwarded is becoming difficult to manage.  PLEASE, PLEASE tell your family and friends to use Priority Mail and follow the instructions provided above.      

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Nov 11,2013

Helaman 5:12
Hello Friends and Family.

This week was really good! 

We had stake conference, and the missionaries in the stake sang "Called to Serve".  It was so cool.  The adult session was devoted to Missionary work for the Members. They asked for members that night to stand up and share a recent missionary experience, and it was so cool to see and hear members share their experiences and also share their testimony of missionary work.

This week was different.  We only had 5 lessons with investigators.  The rest that we were able to teach were Less Actives/Recent Converts (LARCs) And Member Lessons.  So were working a lot with the members.  Our experience with the members has been positive.  We are starting to soften their hearts into sharing the gospel with their friends. 

So in my last letter I referred to "Every Member, a Missionary" our Member lesson.  We have found people who have been prepared (Alma 13:22-24).  Now the challenge is to share the gospel with them.  We must overcome the fear to act and share.  We have found that the spirit truly testifies when members bear their testimonies of the gospel.  Please: This week FIND an opportunity to do so.  I can promise that you and them will be blessed for it.

The members have such a power.  Missionaries come and go, the REAL full time missionaries in an area are the loving members of the wards or branches.    Elder Holland Said :   "Indeed, one of the axioms of our day is that no mission or missionaries can ultimately succeed without the loving participation and spiritual support of the local members working with them in a balanced effort. If today you are taking notes on a stone tablet, chisel that one in deeply. I promise you won’t ever have to erase it. Initial investigators may come from many different sources, but those who are actually baptized and who are firmly retained in activity in the Church come overwhelmingly from friends and acquaintances known to members of the Church." 

There will still be struggles.  Missionary work is... well WORK.  Nothing comes easy, it was hard for the Savior and it will be hard for us.  Waverly is starting to soften their hearts towards us. We are talking to more people than we used to; the challenge is to now teach them in their homes.  A scripture that I've always liked is Alma 26:26-30.  We are out here laboring and hoping that we can effect SOME of God's children. We have been working hard and somewhat persecuted, but we are now starting to see the tender mercies of the Lord. 

Pray for us. We need your prayers.  Waverly Branch is hurting and we need strength to come. 

I love you all so much and I thank you for all of your examples.


Elder Allred
Nov. 4, 2013

Hey Ya'll.

So Missionary Month?  I think I might be able to help with that.

Well..  I'm gonna give ya'll our Member Missionary Lesson.

Pres Monson said: “Now is the time for members and missionaries to come together … [and] labor in the Lord’s vineyard to bring souls unto Him. He has prepared the means for us to share the gospel in a multitude of ways, and He will assist us in our labors if we will act in faith to fulfill His work”

The Lord has prepared people everywhere to hear and understand the message of this gospel.  We are in the fulness of times. And our job is to spread the great message of this gospel.  And we need to share the gospel to all,  Christ said "...but saith unto him, Go home to thy friends, and tell them how great things the Lord hath done for thee..."-Mark 5:19

Missionaries and Members need to come together on a combined effort, to share the gospel.  Elder Ballard declared:"We are not asking everyone to do everything. We are simply asking all members to pray, knowing that if every member, young and old, will reach out to just “one” between now and Christmas, millions will feel the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. And what a wonderful gift to the Savior."

It has been said  "it would not be easy, only that it would be worth it."

Waverly is going well.  The people are starting to soften their hearts. We are having little success still,  were not getting as much investigators then we would like.  We have a knack of finding 14 year old girls, single moms, and older women (70s-80s)  I don't know why but all but 2 investigators are women.

Sacrement Meeting was AMAZING!! Betty went up and bore her testimony for the first time. It was Elder Weilenmanns last Fast and Testimony Meeting before transfers, and I... Dont remember what I said, But a lot of people told me that it was what they needed to hear.  So I trust that I did a good job :)

We are meeting with Elishyia's brother, Nick and will hopefully set a date with him and Elishyia for Dec. 7 :) and we are going to meet with some formal investigators, who have been solid at one time or another and re-set dates and get the fire in them again.  One formal, Corry, actually has "Families are Forever" tattooed on his arm. I really want to meet with him.

The Waverly Branch however, is in pain.  We need prayers. Sister Buettell, our mission nurse, is having eye and heart problems, Bro. Swallow has just found out that he has Cancer down his spine and on some of his ribs.  Please Pray for them.

Till Next Time.

S.T.A.N.D  Stand Tall And Never Doubt

Elder Allred