Spencer Mission Picture

Spencer Mission Picture

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hey Fam!
This has been such a good week. And it has flown so stinkin' fast. We went to Iowa City on Thursday for a Zone Conference and most of my old companions were there. It was so fun to see them and know that I have friends throughout the mission.  I got myself wrapped into a competition with an Elder on who has the better Paisley Tie collection. SO if ya'll want to help me with that, I wont complain. :)
On Friday we get word that the ward is going on a Temple trip, so we made a last minute call to President. He said that we are doing great work in Quincy and to have fun at the Temple :D IT WAS SO COOL!  The Nauvoo Temple is now doing sessions at 7 at night, and there was only 20 people in the session so it went a lot faster.  There was a point when it was just me and my companion in the Temple room. SO COOL! The spirit was so strong there.
On Saturday we had the Baptism of R N.  His wife has been a member her whole life, and out of the 10 years they've been married. He finally decided to take a serious look at the church.  It was such a good baptism. They had family fly in from California and Utah just to be here for him. 
We are seeing a lot of success here in Quincy, yet none of it can be claimed ours.  God has blessed us in so many ways. We find a lot of people, and I think thats because we dont have a car.  We are the only area in the Zone to not have a car, so we are constantly talking to people.  We trust in the Lord in all we do.
We were talking to a friend of ours and he keeps telling us that we live in a fantasy world if we think we can pray and all will be fine.  But thats one thing I've learned out here.  The world would separate life and Religion.  But my Life IS my Religion. And will continue to be after my Mission.  I have come to really believe that NOTHING in this world is because of us.  After studying the Book of Mormon, that is something it teaches.  We have to give everything to the Lord.  The reason we can share Gospel at work or in School, is because the Lord already gave that to us.  And if we do good, NOTHING bad will come of it.  If an invitation is out of love and genuine concern, it will always be accepted out of love.  They may not accept the invitation but they will know it came from a love. 
Thanks for everything you all have done for me.  I love you ALL!!
Keep Praying for the Missionaries to teach more and the members to help find more.  We have yet another week of 20 lessons. IT CAN BE DONE!
Elder Spencer Allred


Monday, September 15, 2014

I'm Happier than a Tornada in a Trailer Park!
So we got our transfer calls last Monday. And both Elder Deeds and I are staying here in Quincy IL!!!

Were both super excited for this next transfer. Rob asked Elder Deeds to baptize him this Saturday. We have a ton of great things planned for the next 5 weeks.  Robs getting baptized on the 20. We found a New Investigator, Kevin. He's dropped cigarettes and wants to move his baptismal date to the 4 of Oct.
Things are going great for us. We are truly being blessed in our area. The Success just comes. I truly have gained the testimony of giving it all to the Lord.  Our Days really do consist of trusting the Lord and following His promptings. I really feel connected to the story of the Sons of Mosiah.  I've had some hard areas and companions. But if we bare with patience our trials and continue to do what we are supposed to success WILL come.  I watched an area that was not known for success turn around and start to flourish, then I got transferred. Now Im in an area that is the best in the Mission ;) All my area have been the best in the Mission. The Lord has given us our success and continues to bless our area.
Im loving my Mission!  Quincy is so great!  And I've learned and have grown so much.
Thanks for all the support and friendship from all of you!
Love, Elder Allred

Monday, September 8, 2014

Analogies I have Learned this Past Week

Hello  Friends and Family!
This has been yet another great week for us. Taught 26 lessons! So I probably need to explain that. Our Mission President has said that if a Missionary companionship can teach 20 lessons a week, more success will come. 20 lessons a week is what is known as a Standard of Excellence.  If we reach 20 lessons, we know that we are doing what we are supposed to and that the Lord is blessing us. :) MAN I LOVE MY JOB!!!
We are finding a lot more people to teach, and we are teaching a lot more towards commitment.  Faith is not strengthened until it is put into practice.  We are struggling with having people keep commitments, but that is where sorting the wheat from the tares comes into play.  This week our focus is on sorting out the Investigators we have.  Last night we counted, we have 18 investigators, 8 of which have a date that they are solid for, 5 are new within the last 2 weeks and the rest of them are the ones that we are focusing our efforts on their progression and eventually separate.  It's hard dropping people that we have grown to love.  It's the same story of why I am on my mission.  We separate ourselves because we love them.  We drop people because we love them and trust he Lord that He will keep them in His hands.  We don't want to set people up for failure. So we refine them, and if they're not quite ready. We let them sit a little bit longer.
The Refiners Fire is one of my favorite analogies. I always learn something new when studying it.  Basically, Silver is first cut as a raw material, CLEANSED through fire, then cooled through a process. The same can be said with us.  We are a Natural Material. We are raw matter that God has created, then He refines us through fire, Trials.  However he does not give us our trials, rather he ALLOWS them to happen. We have our agency, either we can go through trial ourselves OR we can turn to him.  Eventually we come out of the fire cleaner than when we went in.  The cool part I really like is this,  How does the Refiner know when the Silver is ready? The Refiner knows that the Silver is Pure when He can see his reflection in the Silver.  How does the Lord know when we are ready? When HE can see himself with US.  SO COOL!!  SO WE know when we take the Sacrament we promise to take His name upon us. Not just promise to remember Him, but ot ACT like Him.  To essentially BE like Him.    
Another Cool analogy is the Sun and the Moon.  Which light do we want to be?  Although the Full Moon is really bright.... FALSE.  The Moon has NO light to it.  The Moon simply REFLECTS light. Light from the Sun. The SUN is the Source of ALL Light.  It Radiates Light, It IS Light.  So when Christ tells us to let our Light Shine.  He is NOT telling us to Reflect light but to Radiate Light. Do not simply live on Borrowed Light.  We are Refined when we Radiate HIS Light.  When Christ sees that we are Radiating Him.  Dont Reflect, RADIATE!
The Gospel should be preached at ALL times. And if necessary, we should use words.  We let our lights shine so that other see our good works and Glorify God.  We are refined to Radiate.
The Church IS true!  I see the blessings of this Gospel EACH Day!  I am learning each day more about myself, my loved ones, and My Savior.  I am not Earning Heaven, I am Learning Heaven.  I am Learning more and more about WHO I am born to be.  Not WHAT I am supposed to be. 
I love you ALL!! Thanks For EVERYTHING! AND DONT BE AFRAID TO EMAIL!!!!!!!!!!:) 
RISE AND SHOUT!!!!!!  41-7  KEEP IT UP!!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Flood

Friends and Family,

This has been a crazy week for us. It's gone by so fast!

Monday was the worst P-Day ever! We did absolutely nothing.  And I ran out of paper and Envelopes so I couldnt write letters. But it seriously wasn't fun, P-day ends at 6 and normally we have lessons filled to the brim on Mondays.  But we didn't then. So off to finding we go.  After not finding anyone interested, we went back home.  We then saw K and B, they live 3 houses down from us. And had a GREAT Lesson with them.  Their son S is also really interested in learning more. 

Tuesday we have service at the YMCA, it's an alright service, yard work for 2 hours, but it needs to be done.  Then our day was filled with lessons.  And it really set the tone for the week.

Wed-Sunday we were non stop teaching it seemed. We taught 27 lessons this week, which is HUGE!! Were finding a ton of people to teach.  We have 8 people on date, and I wan to ask you to pray for them specifically.  All of them are solid but they still need help.

RN- Sep. 20
K and B N- Sep 20
A Family (A family of 5) - Oct 4
Theres also N who wants to be a member just cant give up some stuff.  Please pray for his heart to be softened.
I really love Quincy! The weather has started to be better. And I really love the people here.  It's funny, a lot of the ward members here remind me of several people from the home ward.
On Sunday we had a combined meeting talking about Elder Bednars talk on the Modern Technology. ( https://www.lds.org/prophets-and-apostles/unto-all-the-world/to-sweep-the-earth-as-with-a-flood?lang=eng ) If you havent yet, I would invite you to listen or read this and STUDY it.  It's not very often an Apostle "Exhorts" us to do something. And this is direct revelation from God to US for the World.  We would be wise to follow it.  :) As a Missionary, we LOVE Media Referrals, and This is a great way to share the Gospel in an easy way. And to Refer the Missionaries to friends.  Missionary experiences are great. If you want to be a better Member, or Strengthen your Testimony of the Savior.  The BEST way is to share the Gospel. 
I could go on and on about the reasons and blessings of sharing the Gospel.  But as a Missionary and a Watchman called of God, The best reason why we need to share the Gospel is because God has said so.  The Nike slogan fits well.  "Just Do It".
Thanks so much for all of your support!!
Labor day through off our groove a little bit. But ALL IS WELL IN QUINCY!!!
Love You ALL
Elder Spencer Allred