Spencer Mission Picture

Spencer Mission Picture

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Motorcycle Races and The Wheel in the sky keeps turning


This has been an interesting week for us. Aside from the events of last Sunday with the whole Devil thing. (see last letter for more details). This week turned out to be kinda weird for us. 

Normally we see our investigators at least once a week.  But because of high school graduations and summer parties, all we have been able to do is see less actives and active members, which is great!  But the graduations this week really hindered the work.  But we've had a lot of fun also.

One of the BIG Events this week was on Sunday we had a Missionary Homecoming and Farewell. And both talks were excellent. Made me realize how real the mission still is. And that it also ends.  I wish I could have been there for Brian's, but I'm sure he did an awesome job! (Shout out to Brian Lunt!!)  please keep me posted on any mission news from our ward!

Also, I wasnt driving; But one night this week we pulled next to a nice Honda CBR. And of course we were all checking out the bike.  Then, we had to try to beat him off the line when the light went green.  So we "tried"!! Man that bike was fast.  The best part was when the rider looked back at us gave us a thumbs up and then stood up on the bike with arms out stretched and drove off.  Seriously it was so cool. And really stupid of him (Right Dad?:) ) But It totally made our day.

But its crazy to see how time has flown. Im coming up on 10 months!!

the Church IS TRUE!!!!

Elder ALLRED, Spencer D.

Monday, May 19, 2014

We got some pictures of Spencer!   oh Happy Day!!!
Elder Allred, Elder Tekanane with Bro. N in Waverly

Elder Allred at the Nauvoo Temple

How Firm A Foundation

Hey Family and Friends!
This week was good to us. Although we did have some crazy experiences.
This week entailed. 11 Lessons, a GREAT Sacrament Meeting with Elder Reall from the 70, and some CRAZY People.
So as we were walking home on Monday, this man in a Ford Prius pulls to the side of the road and yells "GET IN!".  OF course in response we tell him no.  Again the man tells us to get in and he'll give  us a ride home.  So I then ask the man if he's a member, and he says no. But he loves the Missionaries.  Again, a little hesitant, He looks at us and says "I am Cherim, I am the Son of Jesus Christ!" And we're like WHAT?! He looks at us and says, "I am the son of Jesus and Mary, get in!" (He's Crazy!) So then we again decline and he shakes his head and drives off.
We walked away from that just laughing, we met the son of Jesus.  Only in Iowa.
This last Conference was so great on the subject of defending your faith.  As a Missionary, there have only been a select few times that I've had to actually withstand someone yelling at me personally, but I think the worse one happened last night.
We were walking to the library in town, to get a ride home from the South Elders in our Ward.  And we felt that we needed to say hi to a less active in the Ward.  So we saw him, and left his house no problem. On our way back to the main road next to the Library, a man came running outside and seemed super eager to talk to us.  He asked us some questions, and we answered them.  And he seemed really "Golden".  Then, he started quoting the Bible and asking some pretty weird questions about the Holy Ghost. My companions were handling it like the Champs they are.  But he then started targeting me personally. Asking why I was laughing at the word of God. (I dont remember ever laughing)  He then looked at my companions, and exclaimed that they both had the Holy Ghost in them, but that I had a Devil. He then started yelling in my face, and spitting everywhere. (Yes, even in my face)  And all I did was stand there and take it. He then looked at my companions and me and told me to go home that I was wasting my time here.  That My Name Tag meant nothing to the Lord.  Then looking at me again, he said, "I've got one last thing to say... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!". Seriously?!!!  It's amazing how stupid you act when you have had too much to drink.

But it was a real testimony builder for me.  Because I know that I'm out here for a reason.  My badge DOES mean something. I am a set apart messenger of Jesus Christ.  I help people receive the ONLY way to salvation through the ONLY true Church.  I am a Missionary!
I love you all!!, I am now out of time, but I will write more next week.
ALSO, Im going to Nauvoo on Saturday!! SO EXCITED!!! 
Love YOU!!
Elder Allred

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day

So to those who were unable to be apart of Skype yesterday.  Talk to my parents.
Love You!
Elder Allred

Ok, So I'm not THAT mean ;)  It was a really fun week for us.  Elder Powell was transferred to Des Moines, and now Elder Briseno and I have Elder Newhouse as the new addition.  He's been out for 14 months, and is from Bonners Ferry Idaho.  He soo cool!!
We skyped at some members home, The Blackmons.  They're such good members. I love the members that help us out.  So My parents expressed a concern from my letters.  So just to clear some things out.  I have helped 2 people come unto Christ through baptism.  Sis. B(82) and Bro. N (18)  Both of which were in my first area.
Umm, I pulled a couple pranks, that may have back fired on me.  My Parents know the story, and I'm sure they'd love to tell it. ;)  I have loved ALL of my companions.  I was talking to a missionary who was going home the day I came in. And I had asked if had ever had a companion he didn't like.  And he said "Nope" He said that for each companion, he prayed that God would help him love them. And He promised that if I would do that I would legitimately love all of my companions and have a blast serving with all of them.  And so far that promise has held strong.
We have had some trials along the way.  People's agency is a wonderful thing!! (Sometimes)  But really, My Mission has been awesome! Both Areas I've been in have had awesome Members, And I have seen a lot of hearts touched and changed.  I got a fortune cookie the other day it said "The seeds of an idea you planted long ago are about to blossom"  Which is SWEET!! This last week in Waverly, a woman that Elder Keeley and I had found was baptized. NO COINCIDENCES!  Our work is not in vain.
I like the section in PMG about finding people, "No Effort Wasted"  Please read it if you have not.  But it really talks about how NO effort is wasted while sharing the Gospel.  A testimony shared is a testimony strengthened!
I Love You all!!
Congrats Jake and Cole. MAT. 25:21
Elder Allred

Monday, May 5, 2014

Up Up and Away!

Hey Everybody!!!
This was a fun week for us in I.C. Although we didn't teach that many lessons, it still felt like a fulfilling week. We have some very solid investigators who are progressing and getting ready for baptism in June. Were finding more and more people to teach, and we have been truly blessed for our efforts.

The ward is starting to work well with us. As we lose ourselves in the work and try to work more WITH our ward leaders, the work is going a lot more smoothly.  The wards been so great to us.
The last 2 weeks, our area is really picking up.  We had 4 new Investigators last week with several solid potential investigators this week.  Our Zone Leader was talking to us trying to figure out what happened to get it to explode.  By small and simple things.   We have 2 baptism dates on June 14, 2 hopefully on June 28.  and a couple more within the next few weeks.
I have a testimony, that as we continue to follow the Lord's commandments and work to the best of our abilities, the Lord WILL make up the rest and bless us.
I listen a lot to "His Grace is Sufficient" by Brad Wilcox.  I HIGHLY recommend it.  It puts Christ's atonement into such a different view.  Have you been saved by grace? And how we are changed by his grace?
Love you all!!
Elder Allred