Spencer Mission Picture

Spencer Mission Picture

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hey Fam!
This has been such a good week. And it has flown so stinkin' fast. We went to Iowa City on Thursday for a Zone Conference and most of my old companions were there. It was so fun to see them and know that I have friends throughout the mission.  I got myself wrapped into a competition with an Elder on who has the better Paisley Tie collection. SO if ya'll want to help me with that, I wont complain. :)
On Friday we get word that the ward is going on a Temple trip, so we made a last minute call to President. He said that we are doing great work in Quincy and to have fun at the Temple :D IT WAS SO COOL!  The Nauvoo Temple is now doing sessions at 7 at night, and there was only 20 people in the session so it went a lot faster.  There was a point when it was just me and my companion in the Temple room. SO COOL! The spirit was so strong there.
On Saturday we had the Baptism of R N.  His wife has been a member her whole life, and out of the 10 years they've been married. He finally decided to take a serious look at the church.  It was such a good baptism. They had family fly in from California and Utah just to be here for him. 
We are seeing a lot of success here in Quincy, yet none of it can be claimed ours.  God has blessed us in so many ways. We find a lot of people, and I think thats because we dont have a car.  We are the only area in the Zone to not have a car, so we are constantly talking to people.  We trust in the Lord in all we do.
We were talking to a friend of ours and he keeps telling us that we live in a fantasy world if we think we can pray and all will be fine.  But thats one thing I've learned out here.  The world would separate life and Religion.  But my Life IS my Religion. And will continue to be after my Mission.  I have come to really believe that NOTHING in this world is because of us.  After studying the Book of Mormon, that is something it teaches.  We have to give everything to the Lord.  The reason we can share Gospel at work or in School, is because the Lord already gave that to us.  And if we do good, NOTHING bad will come of it.  If an invitation is out of love and genuine concern, it will always be accepted out of love.  They may not accept the invitation but they will know it came from a love. 
Thanks for everything you all have done for me.  I love you ALL!!
Keep Praying for the Missionaries to teach more and the members to help find more.  We have yet another week of 20 lessons. IT CAN BE DONE!
Elder Spencer Allred


Monday, September 15, 2014

I'm Happier than a Tornada in a Trailer Park!
So we got our transfer calls last Monday. And both Elder Deeds and I are staying here in Quincy IL!!!

Were both super excited for this next transfer. Rob asked Elder Deeds to baptize him this Saturday. We have a ton of great things planned for the next 5 weeks.  Robs getting baptized on the 20. We found a New Investigator, Kevin. He's dropped cigarettes and wants to move his baptismal date to the 4 of Oct.
Things are going great for us. We are truly being blessed in our area. The Success just comes. I truly have gained the testimony of giving it all to the Lord.  Our Days really do consist of trusting the Lord and following His promptings. I really feel connected to the story of the Sons of Mosiah.  I've had some hard areas and companions. But if we bare with patience our trials and continue to do what we are supposed to success WILL come.  I watched an area that was not known for success turn around and start to flourish, then I got transferred. Now Im in an area that is the best in the Mission ;) All my area have been the best in the Mission. The Lord has given us our success and continues to bless our area.
Im loving my Mission!  Quincy is so great!  And I've learned and have grown so much.
Thanks for all the support and friendship from all of you!
Love, Elder Allred

Monday, September 8, 2014

Analogies I have Learned this Past Week

Hello  Friends and Family!
This has been yet another great week for us. Taught 26 lessons! So I probably need to explain that. Our Mission President has said that if a Missionary companionship can teach 20 lessons a week, more success will come. 20 lessons a week is what is known as a Standard of Excellence.  If we reach 20 lessons, we know that we are doing what we are supposed to and that the Lord is blessing us. :) MAN I LOVE MY JOB!!!
We are finding a lot more people to teach, and we are teaching a lot more towards commitment.  Faith is not strengthened until it is put into practice.  We are struggling with having people keep commitments, but that is where sorting the wheat from the tares comes into play.  This week our focus is on sorting out the Investigators we have.  Last night we counted, we have 18 investigators, 8 of which have a date that they are solid for, 5 are new within the last 2 weeks and the rest of them are the ones that we are focusing our efforts on their progression and eventually separate.  It's hard dropping people that we have grown to love.  It's the same story of why I am on my mission.  We separate ourselves because we love them.  We drop people because we love them and trust he Lord that He will keep them in His hands.  We don't want to set people up for failure. So we refine them, and if they're not quite ready. We let them sit a little bit longer.
The Refiners Fire is one of my favorite analogies. I always learn something new when studying it.  Basically, Silver is first cut as a raw material, CLEANSED through fire, then cooled through a process. The same can be said with us.  We are a Natural Material. We are raw matter that God has created, then He refines us through fire, Trials.  However he does not give us our trials, rather he ALLOWS them to happen. We have our agency, either we can go through trial ourselves OR we can turn to him.  Eventually we come out of the fire cleaner than when we went in.  The cool part I really like is this,  How does the Refiner know when the Silver is ready? The Refiner knows that the Silver is Pure when He can see his reflection in the Silver.  How does the Lord know when we are ready? When HE can see himself with US.  SO COOL!!  SO WE know when we take the Sacrament we promise to take His name upon us. Not just promise to remember Him, but ot ACT like Him.  To essentially BE like Him.    
Another Cool analogy is the Sun and the Moon.  Which light do we want to be?  Although the Full Moon is really bright.... FALSE.  The Moon has NO light to it.  The Moon simply REFLECTS light. Light from the Sun. The SUN is the Source of ALL Light.  It Radiates Light, It IS Light.  So when Christ tells us to let our Light Shine.  He is NOT telling us to Reflect light but to Radiate Light. Do not simply live on Borrowed Light.  We are Refined when we Radiate HIS Light.  When Christ sees that we are Radiating Him.  Dont Reflect, RADIATE!
The Gospel should be preached at ALL times. And if necessary, we should use words.  We let our lights shine so that other see our good works and Glorify God.  We are refined to Radiate.
The Church IS true!  I see the blessings of this Gospel EACH Day!  I am learning each day more about myself, my loved ones, and My Savior.  I am not Earning Heaven, I am Learning Heaven.  I am Learning more and more about WHO I am born to be.  Not WHAT I am supposed to be. 
I love you ALL!! Thanks For EVERYTHING! AND DONT BE AFRAID TO EMAIL!!!!!!!!!!:) 
RISE AND SHOUT!!!!!!  41-7  KEEP IT UP!!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Flood

Friends and Family,

This has been a crazy week for us. It's gone by so fast!

Monday was the worst P-Day ever! We did absolutely nothing.  And I ran out of paper and Envelopes so I couldnt write letters. But it seriously wasn't fun, P-day ends at 6 and normally we have lessons filled to the brim on Mondays.  But we didn't then. So off to finding we go.  After not finding anyone interested, we went back home.  We then saw K and B, they live 3 houses down from us. And had a GREAT Lesson with them.  Their son S is also really interested in learning more. 

Tuesday we have service at the YMCA, it's an alright service, yard work for 2 hours, but it needs to be done.  Then our day was filled with lessons.  And it really set the tone for the week.

Wed-Sunday we were non stop teaching it seemed. We taught 27 lessons this week, which is HUGE!! Were finding a ton of people to teach.  We have 8 people on date, and I wan to ask you to pray for them specifically.  All of them are solid but they still need help.

RN- Sep. 20
K and B N- Sep 20
A Family (A family of 5) - Oct 4
Theres also N who wants to be a member just cant give up some stuff.  Please pray for his heart to be softened.
I really love Quincy! The weather has started to be better. And I really love the people here.  It's funny, a lot of the ward members here remind me of several people from the home ward.
On Sunday we had a combined meeting talking about Elder Bednars talk on the Modern Technology. ( https://www.lds.org/prophets-and-apostles/unto-all-the-world/to-sweep-the-earth-as-with-a-flood?lang=eng ) If you havent yet, I would invite you to listen or read this and STUDY it.  It's not very often an Apostle "Exhorts" us to do something. And this is direct revelation from God to US for the World.  We would be wise to follow it.  :) As a Missionary, we LOVE Media Referrals, and This is a great way to share the Gospel in an easy way. And to Refer the Missionaries to friends.  Missionary experiences are great. If you want to be a better Member, or Strengthen your Testimony of the Savior.  The BEST way is to share the Gospel. 
I could go on and on about the reasons and blessings of sharing the Gospel.  But as a Missionary and a Watchman called of God, The best reason why we need to share the Gospel is because God has said so.  The Nike slogan fits well.  "Just Do It".
Thanks so much for all of your support!!
Labor day through off our groove a little bit. But ALL IS WELL IN QUINCY!!!
Love You ALL
Elder Spencer Allred

Monday, August 25, 2014

Humidity is not fun!

Hey Friends and Family!!
First off, Thanks for all the support and Love you have given me.  You all have truly helped me become the missionary I am now.
This week was on fire for us!  We are constantly teaching and finding people.  We have 9 people on a Baptismal Date for next transfer. And all of them have expressed their excitement for that date.  We are helping them overcome some addictions, but as they turn their will to the Lord they WILL succeed!!! 
Im in a full time Walking area, no car. But despite the 90 degree weather, Plus the 80% Humidity, We are being blessed.  If God gave blessings for every sweat drop, I would be SUPER Blessed.  But I am blessed, by more than I could ever hope.  I love being a Missionary!  I love the people here in Quincy. We walk a lot around the Ghetto areas and nothing but the love of the people exist. I'm also starting to find a new love for the game of Baseball.  Everyone watches it here. I am probably the Only Nationals fan out here in the ocean of Cardinals, but all is well because from what I've heard The Nationals are the #1 Team this year :) #GONATS!! 
We were stopped by the police a couple of nights ago.  They told us to get out of the area because it was 9 at night, and they were afraid that we might get jumped.   My companion perked up and said he must have underestimated that ghetto because he's from San Jose.  The cops gave him a blank stare then told us to hurry home before trouble comes.  Well,  It was nice of them to care so much for us missionaries, But really we dont have a fear of the ghetto.  Im packing a knife :)  But the Badge really does help, and not to mention the leagues of Angels that walk with us on a daily basis.  :) I LOVE MY JOB!!
The Humidity really isn't fun though, but I've had the weirdest feeling here in Quincy.  I know I'm going to revisit Waverly, I.C, and Knoxville.  But for some reason, I really feel more at home here in Quincy. I dont think I'd have a problem moving back here, But thats a conversation for another day. 

I love it here, I hope that had been an obvious factor.  Love is so key to a missionaries work.  Love is a guiding power.  I work because I love. 

And I love you guys! Thanks for Everything, Every conversation we've had I can pull something out of and use it in my Missionary work!!
Elder  Spencer Allred

Monday, August 18, 2014

Hey All!

Hey Friends and Family! 
How is everything going?? 
I heard that there was a little Allred Family Reunion, thanks for the Invite!  Its the thought that counts ;)  Thats one thing I've learned a lot this week, the importance of families. 
I count you all as family, not just blood relation, but I truly have learned something from everyone. And really, because we are ALL Children of God, we ARE Family.
We're on week 3 of the transfer, and we feel really good.  Were teaching a lot of great people and love watching them grow.  BUT, It was a hectic week.  A lot of tears and laughs. 
We saw the effects of a wife scared about the possibility of having another kid, and helped her through her stress.  She's 19 and Her Husband is 22.  It really is sad to see their family situation. They have 1 kid, and are barely making it through.  She turns out to not be pregnant so that was a relief to her.  I still say that she ate too much of the steak I cooked for them on Friday Night.  (Thanks Dad for teaching me how to season the Steak just right!) 
We helped out a family with the surprising news of a father passing away unexpectedly.  The A family, Trevor and Jana have 4 Daughters, the oldest being 14 and the youngest being 7.  Trevor's father passed away on Friday Night.  He is still in shock because of it. 
This Week.  Family. The Beginnings and the Ends.  It really got me thinking of the Questions: 1) Where did we come from? 2) Why are we here? 3) Where are we going?
Of course as a missionary we teach the answers to these questions everyday.  We have a LOVING Heavenly Father who we lived with before this life.  We came here to Earth to prepare to live with Him again, an with that we received our Bodies.  After this life we go back to the Spirit world and continue to learn more and Then we are judged and CHOOSE to live with Him again. I have learned a very valuable lesson, " Heaven will not be heaven for those who have not chosen to be heavenly." 
This has been a really good week for us. Family is such an Important thing, I love you guys.
You are my Family. :)
The things we teach as Missionaries ARE TRUE!! The Restoration has happened.  And the Bible AND the Book of Mormon Testify of it, each other, and OUR SAVIOR!!
I love you ALL,
Elder Spencer Allred

Monday, August 11, 2014

Halfway to Quincy

Hey Everyone!!!

This was such a great week for us!

We've been working really hard and seeing a lot of success.

 I'm Starting to realize why I left Knoxville so fast and came to Quincy.  My previous 3 areas were areas that there was really no Member Help.  I.C had the Missionary fire, but they didn't know how to use it.  So I feel like the first part of my mission was helping Members see the importance of Missionary work.  In Knoxville, the Members clicked and the Area Exploded.  The Baptism dates we set in Knoxville have gotten moved up to this month because the people are so prepared!! The 6 weeks I was there with my Companions, we saw success in that area. We saw the vineyard grow and flourish.  Now they're going to start having to harvest.  When I came to Quincy, I felt a little upset that I was unable to finish what we started in Knoxville. But the Quincy Ward is on top of things.  Everything the Mission is pushing for is happening in Quincy.  We have Ward Council twice a month.  The members are volunteering themselves to help us.  We don't ask for members help, we don't need to.  They willingly go out of their way to help us.
 Numbers are not important, but they are...  They keep us honest.  Elder D and I are killing it in Quincy.  we taught 23 lessons last week, and Elder Deeds says that's a slow week for us.  We're teaching a lot of people.  We have an appointment tonight with the A Family.  A family of 6, 5 of which are over the age of 8.  Bro. A has read the Book of Mormon 4 times and knows it's true, Sister A wants to give up tea and coffee so that she can get baptized ASAP.  We haven't even taught them the first lesson.  Members of the ward has them over for dinner every Saturday night and they teach them and answer their questions.

The Members here are so great! Week 2 here we come!

This week I will also be hitting my YEAR mark.  We call it HUMP DAY!!  Time has gone by CRAZY Fast!  A year ago today I was packing, saying my Goodbyes, and going to Texas Roadhouse with 2 really great Friends.  Time has flown.  I spent one year of my Mission building my wings and helping others do the same.  Now it's time to fly.  I look forward to applying what I know now to the next year of my Mission, and for Eternity!!

 I Love You ALL!!
 Semper Fidelis!!!
 Elder Allred

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people will not feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

Monday, August 4, 2014

                                                           A New picture of Elder Allred

Monday, July 28, 2014

6 Weeks Shy, lament

Hey Everyone!!!
This has been such a great week!! We found some new investigators, taught a lot of lessons and have fired up the members for missionary work!  We also went to Nauvoo. It was really good!!! The pageant was really good.
We left here Saturday at 1:30, got to Nauvoo at 4:30 had a temple session at 5, pageant at 8:30, left Nauvoo at 10:30 and made it home by 2 am.  Gotta love road trips!! AND We got up at our normal time of 6:30 and had church at 10.  :) Gotta love Missionary life!!
We went with Brother and Sister Burton, They're really cool.  They remind me of my own parents, they tease each other like an old married couple and just have tons of fun! :)
Knoxville is so great!! I have loved it here!! And my companions are even better!! Elders Br and Bl are some of the best Elders I know.   
Well... The BIG news,  Transfers are this week, and im being transferred!!! 6 weeks in an area and now being transferred!! Knoxville has grown a ton while I've been here.  In the 6 weeks time we have taught 58 lessons, found 8 new investigators.  Im leaving 11 investigators. 11 Friends that I would LOVE to come to the church. Im leaving a branch of some of the best members i know. 50 people that I cant wait to see again. 
 16 Therefore, let us glory, yea, we will glory in the Lord; yea, we will rejoice, for our joy is full; yea, we will praise our God forever. Behold, who can glory too much in the Lord? Yea, who can say too much of his great power, and of his mercy, and of his long-suffering towards the children of men? Behold, I say unto you, I cannot say the smallest part which I feel.
Alma 26:16
Im gonna miss Knoxville, But on to bigger and better things!! :)
I love you all and thanks for all your support!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 5

Hey Everyone!!

So this has been a pretty eventful week.
Knoxville is going great!  Were seeing so many miracles.  Its cool to see the experiences from past areas taking effect in this one.  I've taken what I learned from Iowa City envolving Member Missionary work, and were using it in our little branch.  And its working Great!! Wards and Branches are encouraged now to hold 2 council meetings a month and to center it around Hastening the Work.  Were now being used more effectively to not only teach Investigators, but Less Actives as well. Were receiving more referrals from our Branch and the members are so willing to do missionary work.  We LOVE it!!
We now have 10 investigators, and starting to  sort out wheat from tares.  Its sad to drop people, but this Work is a Serious Work. And if the people we teach cant take it seriously and willingly. Than were wasting our time with them.  But for every dropped investigator, We are blessed with more people to teach. :)  And it really is fun! I'm having a blast,  I think I finally know what it means to lose yourself in the work.  A day at Lagoon goes by so fast, because of how much fun it is. A day of Chores goes by slow because there is NO fun involved.... (Dad n Mom ;) 
But my Mission has been Super Fun.  And it's going by so fast!  Lose yourself in the work, and Enjoy to the End! 
There's a man were teaching, R. He has EDS, basically he can't do anything but stay at home. His skin is super thin and it's like rubber, His joints dislocate real easy, And he is really sick a lot.  However his sickness though, he knows its for a reason.  Yesterday me and him had a great talk about his illness and my unique situation with my Kidneys.  And we both just came to the conclusion that for some reason that we don't know, God gave us our blessings that might affect someone in the future. I left our conversation telling myself that although I may not know why I am the way I am, but there's a reason behind it.
Well, the Missions great. My companions are some of the people I know. And ALL IS WELL!!! Gotta love being an Elder!!!

Monday, July 14, 2014


11 Months!!! Meet Iowa

So to start off, I've been really bad at sending pictures and such. So I'm adding a ppt of pictures so that way I can repent of that.  AND This transfer marks my half way point.  Im 11 months out, but because of the way transfers fall, Im halfway.  TIME HAS FLOWN!!!!
Things are going great for Knoxville!! We have 9 investigators and 6 of them have dates to get baptized!! We really are killing it here.  Theres not a good rep on this area throughout the mission so were trying to get that mind set out of the missionaries.
We've had yet another case of Tornados but this time... With Flash Floods. OH Gotta love that Iowa Weather!!  But with it all,Blessings are raining down!!!
11 months have passed.  Time really does fly.  I feel like I blink and its already a new month, another holiday or now, another year.  I've prepared for a mission for sometime, and it's flying in a blink of an eye.  I don't know how I feel about that... 
The mission has been an awesome experience. I love Iowa so much.  The corn is now just coming off, and turning gold.  And the Sunsets are so cool!!
1 more to go. SO EXCITED!!!
Elder Spencer Allred

Monday, June 30, 2014

I can't think of a subject

Hello Friends and Family!!
So I don't have much time, theres a couple of tornado sightings in the area right now, so Im just gonna start by saying that I am fine :)
This week went super good for us. We found 3 new investigators this week, had an investigator come to church and are teaching a lot of people. We had 15 lessons this week which is huge.  According to my comps, it is pretty consistent to do that. Our area is on fire right now.  Not literal fie, not yet.  We've had floods, and tornados, Next will be fires.  I really feel like the city Thebes in the movie Hercules.
Anyway.  Were doing a lot of work in the area, trying to keep the work growing.  This is the Lords work and he is very much involved in it.  Times have changed in the missionary work.  We've had about 4 70 members come throughout the mission in wards and stake conferences telling the members that it is a commandment from the Lord, that NOW is the time to work with the missionaries.  We must keep a missionary mind set in all we do. Be bold and let the Lord do the rest.  And that is what we as missionaries are trying to do with the members now.  Replace fear with faith, and help them be the full time missionaries. 

Love you all!!! Happy Independence Day.
Elder Spencer Allred

Monday, June 23, 2014

Roadcars and transfers!

Yes, it's true, I got Transferred.
So My Mission has been thus far: Waverly Iowa, a town of about 8-10 thousand people. Next was Iowa City, a city of about 50 thousand. NOW, I'm in Knoxville, by far my smallest area, of about 5-6 thousand people. And its like serving with the Lamanites. Every member I talk to say that the people are not really receptive. There's a town in our area called Pella, and a  member this morning told me that there is now righteousness in Pella.  IM GONNA BAPTIZE IT :)
:) Things are looking really good in the area, despite what people say.  The branch is about 60 people and we meet in a multi purpose room.  Yesterday we were asked to teach the young men and woman about the priesthood.  So in the lesson I dive in and start having people interact and use them as examples. I would call on a young-man who is 14 and ask as a 14 year old would he be comfortable talking to God (Leading in to the Restoration of the Priesthood with Joseph Smith) He said No, then I asked everyone, "Here is a 14 year old that you all know, would you believe him if he told you he Talked to God?" Than this young woman about 17 starts laughing and says that she has no clue who the boy is. He looks at me and states that he is just visiting today.  (FACE PALM) This happened not once but 3 times to people.  I asked a girl what the Priesthood meant to her, and she states that she's a non member coming with her friend. Which Is GREAT!!!! But I think I need to know the Branch a little more before I do object lessons. 
So... On another note.  We rode a Roadscar today around town SOO FUN!!! Pics coming soon!!
Elder Allred

Monday, June 16, 2014

Transfer #8 10 Months!!

 Hey! Friends and Family!!!

To start off, I've had a blast here in Iowa City! I've seen a lot of miracles and cool stuff. I really dont wanna go, but if the Lords wants me to, I guess I'll go.  I havent heard anything yet IF I am going, so Im really hoping that I can stay at least one more transfer.

But ALL is WELL!!  This week has been really good!! We have a New Investigator, R, he 26 and from Mexico. The best part is that he speaks fluent English and so we can keep him as our investigator :).  We have had a lot of success this week, despite the kidney stone episode.  But Elder B is doing well now, pain pills are an amazing thing!

Our ward is doing something thats really cool.  2 week consecration of missionary work. Our Bishops daughter is on her mission in Georgia, and her mission did this, and their numbers went through the roof.  She had 72 initial contacts of non-members. (Potential Investigators), With 35 Lessons taught, and I dont remember the number of New Investigators, only that it was crazy high.  So obviously its possible to do, so were going to do it.  Our ward effective immediately is in "Missionary Mode". We have asked every member in the ward to have us missionaries over for 15 min, at a time so we can help them understand how to find, invite, and effectively teach.  Then they are going to either, hand out a Book of Mormon, invite people to church, or Invite Friends/non-members to Missionary Lessons.  Us Missionaries have promised to pray that the members have added strength and missionary opportunities, and that we will be 100% obedient (We should be 100% anyways)  Through this consecration period, we are expecting a substantial growth in the work here.

Im real excited for the 2nd ward.  I think this might be the change we've been feeling that would take place.  Iowa City is truly sacred ground.  Its really cool to think that I am walking EXACTLY where my ancestor pioneers walked.  Our church building is placed on a hill, where records tell us is the place that the handcarts formed teams and left for the West.

This IS a sacred work as well. The Lord is VERY involved with us.

I love you ALL. Thanks so much for everything!

Elder Spencer Allred

Monday, June 2, 2014

Born of God-- Pres. Benson

Hello Family and Friends!!!
This has been a great week for us! We have an investigator, Abedo, who is ready for baptism on the 14 of this month!! Hopefully his daughter will follow him into the church.  My companions are doing awesome and continue to be good friends and support.
We had a cool experience/  learning experience this week.

On Friday, the 3 of us were walking down a road and passed this 20-ish year old girl on the sidewalk. We said HI but she really didn't respond much, so we kept walking on.  She than starts yelling at us, really me. Saying that she recognizes me from somewhere.  So we turn around to talk more with her. She looks at me and says "Elder Allred, you gave me a Mormon Bible bout 2 months ago, and I've read that every night since then, I like it better then the Genesis Bible." I finally recognized her. She then told me that my ears were super big, but that was ok, she thought they were cute. Well, we set a return appointment and went along our way.  A couple of days later, were in the area again, and she walks up to me and asks for a hug, then runs up and hugs me. Then  she turns to my comps and "hugs" them too. She than exclaimed how she was so excited to meet with me (Her words, not US, but ME) then ran off again.

My comps were really excited to see her and teach her. However, I feel that if "I" invite her to baptism, she'll say yes. Not because she believes its true, but because a cute Elder asked her too.  Conversion NEEDS to be to the gospel, not to the person. I hesitate teaching her because I feel shes more interested in the teacher than in the lesson (Kinda like, why some girls take Indiana Jones history class)  If I had merely went on a mission because a cute girl told me to go, than I would not be as good as a missionary, in fact, I'd be a terrible Missionary.

Our mission is focusing on really CONVERTING our missionaries and investigators. I was talking to a member last night over dinner. He made a remark which prompted me to ask if he was a convert. He looked at me and said, "I was born in the church, and yes I AM a convert" He went on to explain that members are born and baptized into the church, but how many of them are Converted to the church?  How many people today that were baptized at 8 are now Converts to the church?

Often times I think we associate the word "Convert" to a non-member finding the gospel and being baptized. Although we may refer to them as converts, they may not be CONVERTED.  In the Electrical world, to convert a volt, means to change to change a volt and create a completely new volt.  To convert a person in the gospel, the spirit has to make a completely new person.
Pres. Benson has a talk called "Born of God" This talk along with several others are great when talking about conversion. Please listen to it, Its so great! If anyone needs help feeling personal conversion, I can promise you that this talk WILL help.
Thanks for everything!!! I LOVE you ALL!!!
Elder, Spencer D, Allred. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Motorcycle Races and The Wheel in the sky keeps turning


This has been an interesting week for us. Aside from the events of last Sunday with the whole Devil thing. (see last letter for more details). This week turned out to be kinda weird for us. 

Normally we see our investigators at least once a week.  But because of high school graduations and summer parties, all we have been able to do is see less actives and active members, which is great!  But the graduations this week really hindered the work.  But we've had a lot of fun also.

One of the BIG Events this week was on Sunday we had a Missionary Homecoming and Farewell. And both talks were excellent. Made me realize how real the mission still is. And that it also ends.  I wish I could have been there for Brian's, but I'm sure he did an awesome job! (Shout out to Brian Lunt!!)  please keep me posted on any mission news from our ward!

Also, I wasnt driving; But one night this week we pulled next to a nice Honda CBR. And of course we were all checking out the bike.  Then, we had to try to beat him off the line when the light went green.  So we "tried"!! Man that bike was fast.  The best part was when the rider looked back at us gave us a thumbs up and then stood up on the bike with arms out stretched and drove off.  Seriously it was so cool. And really stupid of him (Right Dad?:) ) But It totally made our day.

But its crazy to see how time has flown. Im coming up on 10 months!!

the Church IS TRUE!!!!

Elder ALLRED, Spencer D.

Monday, May 19, 2014

We got some pictures of Spencer!   oh Happy Day!!!
Elder Allred, Elder Tekanane with Bro. N in Waverly

Elder Allred at the Nauvoo Temple

How Firm A Foundation

Hey Family and Friends!
This week was good to us. Although we did have some crazy experiences.
This week entailed. 11 Lessons, a GREAT Sacrament Meeting with Elder Reall from the 70, and some CRAZY People.
So as we were walking home on Monday, this man in a Ford Prius pulls to the side of the road and yells "GET IN!".  OF course in response we tell him no.  Again the man tells us to get in and he'll give  us a ride home.  So I then ask the man if he's a member, and he says no. But he loves the Missionaries.  Again, a little hesitant, He looks at us and says "I am Cherim, I am the Son of Jesus Christ!" And we're like WHAT?! He looks at us and says, "I am the son of Jesus and Mary, get in!" (He's Crazy!) So then we again decline and he shakes his head and drives off.
We walked away from that just laughing, we met the son of Jesus.  Only in Iowa.
This last Conference was so great on the subject of defending your faith.  As a Missionary, there have only been a select few times that I've had to actually withstand someone yelling at me personally, but I think the worse one happened last night.
We were walking to the library in town, to get a ride home from the South Elders in our Ward.  And we felt that we needed to say hi to a less active in the Ward.  So we saw him, and left his house no problem. On our way back to the main road next to the Library, a man came running outside and seemed super eager to talk to us.  He asked us some questions, and we answered them.  And he seemed really "Golden".  Then, he started quoting the Bible and asking some pretty weird questions about the Holy Ghost. My companions were handling it like the Champs they are.  But he then started targeting me personally. Asking why I was laughing at the word of God. (I dont remember ever laughing)  He then looked at my companions, and exclaimed that they both had the Holy Ghost in them, but that I had a Devil. He then started yelling in my face, and spitting everywhere. (Yes, even in my face)  And all I did was stand there and take it. He then looked at my companions and me and told me to go home that I was wasting my time here.  That My Name Tag meant nothing to the Lord.  Then looking at me again, he said, "I've got one last thing to say... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!". Seriously?!!!  It's amazing how stupid you act when you have had too much to drink.

But it was a real testimony builder for me.  Because I know that I'm out here for a reason.  My badge DOES mean something. I am a set apart messenger of Jesus Christ.  I help people receive the ONLY way to salvation through the ONLY true Church.  I am a Missionary!
I love you all!!, I am now out of time, but I will write more next week.
ALSO, Im going to Nauvoo on Saturday!! SO EXCITED!!! 
Love YOU!!
Elder Allred

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day

So to those who were unable to be apart of Skype yesterday.  Talk to my parents.
Love You!
Elder Allred

Ok, So I'm not THAT mean ;)  It was a really fun week for us.  Elder Powell was transferred to Des Moines, and now Elder Briseno and I have Elder Newhouse as the new addition.  He's been out for 14 months, and is from Bonners Ferry Idaho.  He soo cool!!
We skyped at some members home, The Blackmons.  They're such good members. I love the members that help us out.  So My parents expressed a concern from my letters.  So just to clear some things out.  I have helped 2 people come unto Christ through baptism.  Sis. B(82) and Bro. N (18)  Both of which were in my first area.
Umm, I pulled a couple pranks, that may have back fired on me.  My Parents know the story, and I'm sure they'd love to tell it. ;)  I have loved ALL of my companions.  I was talking to a missionary who was going home the day I came in. And I had asked if had ever had a companion he didn't like.  And he said "Nope" He said that for each companion, he prayed that God would help him love them. And He promised that if I would do that I would legitimately love all of my companions and have a blast serving with all of them.  And so far that promise has held strong.
We have had some trials along the way.  People's agency is a wonderful thing!! (Sometimes)  But really, My Mission has been awesome! Both Areas I've been in have had awesome Members, And I have seen a lot of hearts touched and changed.  I got a fortune cookie the other day it said "The seeds of an idea you planted long ago are about to blossom"  Which is SWEET!! This last week in Waverly, a woman that Elder Keeley and I had found was baptized. NO COINCIDENCES!  Our work is not in vain.
I like the section in PMG about finding people, "No Effort Wasted"  Please read it if you have not.  But it really talks about how NO effort is wasted while sharing the Gospel.  A testimony shared is a testimony strengthened!
I Love You all!!
Congrats Jake and Cole. MAT. 25:21
Elder Allred

Monday, May 5, 2014

Up Up and Away!

Hey Everybody!!!
This was a fun week for us in I.C. Although we didn't teach that many lessons, it still felt like a fulfilling week. We have some very solid investigators who are progressing and getting ready for baptism in June. Were finding more and more people to teach, and we have been truly blessed for our efforts.

The ward is starting to work well with us. As we lose ourselves in the work and try to work more WITH our ward leaders, the work is going a lot more smoothly.  The wards been so great to us.
The last 2 weeks, our area is really picking up.  We had 4 new Investigators last week with several solid potential investigators this week.  Our Zone Leader was talking to us trying to figure out what happened to get it to explode.  By small and simple things.   We have 2 baptism dates on June 14, 2 hopefully on June 28.  and a couple more within the next few weeks.
I have a testimony, that as we continue to follow the Lord's commandments and work to the best of our abilities, the Lord WILL make up the rest and bless us.
I listen a lot to "His Grace is Sufficient" by Brad Wilcox.  I HIGHLY recommend it.  It puts Christ's atonement into such a different view.  Have you been saved by grace? And how we are changed by his grace?
Love you all!!
Elder Allred 

Monday, April 28, 2014

4 new, 2 sick

This was another great week for us!  The work is really picking up.  This week we had a lot of time to fix up some things in our area. We're doing a lot of clean up work now, which basically means starting over.  We've lost some investigators do to them moving, but this week we picked up 4 new investigators!! And I need to get back on my Swahili studies because all 4 are from different parts of Africa.   We have Abedo (50's), and his daughter Beatrice (20's), the speak more French than anything else, and they're from Togo Africa.  And we also have Talisa (14) and Nestorina (16) both speak Swahili and English, from Tanzania.
Our ward is split between 2 Elder companionships. Us: Elders, Powell, Briseno, and Me :). And the South side Elders, Mckell and Bennion. Just as an FYI.
Elder Mckell and Bennion had a baptism on Saturday. It was really cool to see a golden investigator really progress.  We were asked to share a message on the Restoration during the baptism. It was super cool because the spirit really took over.  Yet another witness that the messages we share is true.
But amongst all of the success this week.  There were a pair of sick Elders on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I'm fine now, got a 24 hour bug.  But my Comp has got something pretty bad.  So please pray for Elder Briseno. We don't know what's happening with him.
It's really cool to know that when were unable to work, the Lord still has a way of helping us out in our area.  Abedo and Beatrice became new Investigators on Tuesday. Elder Powell went out with a member to teach Abedo.  And so many more miracles.  So lesson learned,  If you're sick, trust in the Lord that all will be ok.
Things are going really well!! I love being a Missionary!! We get to see so many cool things.
Love you all!!
The Church is True!!
Elder Allred.

Monday, April 21, 2014


Hey everybody!!

This was a great week!  Easter was so good this year.  Its gotta different feeling as a missionary. I've noticed that I pay attention to General Conferences a lot more now, and as well as the Easter season.  We've taught a lot about the resurrection. And one thing I've noticed, is how it seems that people take it for granite. He asked one lady what resurrection meant for her, and her reply was, "I get to live again." Now I cant type out HOW she said it.  But I wanted to yell at her "YOU GET TO LIVE AGAIN!!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS??!"  It is a HUGE blessing that all of Gods children get to have.  Christ literally paid his own life freely so that ALL men will live again.
Our area on paper looks pretty good. We have 2 solid Investigators with a lot of great potential Investigators. But our area is missing something.  There's a cancer in our area and we can't detect it. But as we keep working were going to find it. But were at a crossroad in our work now.  And I fear that this may be the push for a great area or the kill for an area, just depends on how it is handled. Were receiving a lot of crossfire from God and the Adversary.  We really are at the Crossfire of Heaven and Hell. Please pray that we will have an open mind to things in the coming weeks, we really need the prayers.
The Lord LIVES. And Im sure it will all be worked out for good.  I like the verses of Christ saying "These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have apeace. In the bworld ye shall have ctribulation: but be of good dcheer; I have eovercome the world."
Thanks for all your love and support!! I really do love every one of you!!
Elder Allred

Monday, April 14, 2014

Time Flies

April 14, 2014
Wow has Time flown.  8 Months out TODAY!!!  It’s crazy to think that it has been this long. In 2 transfers I'll hit a year! 

We've seen some pretty cool miracles this week. But every rose certainly does have its thorns.

We've had some car issues come up that had us sitting in the Car dealership for 3 hours on Saturday and about an hour this morning.  Basically our car has been recalled for some issues from the factory.
Well, the dealership is supposed to give us a loner car till ours can get fixed. However, the dealer won’t give us a car because were under 21.  So, I’ve had to do a lot of negotiating, and be on the phone a lot talking to our Vehicle Coordinator trying to find a loop hole around that policy, AND we found one!

But now we’re trying to let the dealership know so that we can get a car.  OH! And people don't like to answer their phones, so it’s making this process a lot harder than it should be.
But on the upside, instead of having only 900 miles to drive a month, we now have 1500! The church approved the mile increase.

We have a lot of people that we are trying to teach. The members are great here! I have yet to have a week where we have not been fed. The ward is so focused on missionary work and I love it.  I can testify that the unity of members and missionaries brings forth SO many blessings and miracles.
Keep up the good work in AF.  LET YOUR LIGHTS SHINE!!  And please keep me updated on any mission calls!

I balled like a baby for almost an hour after I heard about one recently.  I am glad that some of the YM I always admired are now going!  I keep praying for the rest of you.  I can tell you that EACH one of you are needed in this work.  It does not matter where you serve, or what mission it is in.  What will matter is that you are willing to do your part for the Lord.
I don’t care how hard it is, make the correction you need and GO!

Love you All!
Elder Allred, Spencer

Monday, April 7, 2014

Another One Bites The Dust

April 7, 2014
Hey Fam & Co.!!

A lot has happened this week!
So, a couple of things have changed.

We are working well in the Trio J  At doors, one of us kind of hides in the back to make it less overwhelming. That’s Fun.  And all 3 of us take up the entire sidewalk, so street contacting is a lot of fun.  But through all the fun times we are having, the work is hard.
Zido, has recently moved out of our area, so we lost him as an Investigator.  We had to turn him over to another set of Elders, with whom we hope he will work well.

And the rest of our investigators are "Too busy for us"  Stupid weather, cold is best. (I know that is not what you have heard me say for the last several months.  I guess that’s what I get for getting what I asked for J )  People don’t want to leave their houses so it’s easy to find people. But now that the weather is warmer, people are out more on the streets, which means that we’re talking to a lot more NEW people.  Bitter / Sweet, and always changing flavors.
Were doing a lot of knocking lately, and I have learned that there are some weird people out here.  Like WEIRD.  We've been yelled at, threatened with the police, threatened with other stuff, etc.  And yet, I LOVE it here.  I wouldn’t be anywhere else.  I truly love it here. I love my comps, the ward, and the people here. (No matter how weird they are). 

Love comes with the job description.  It’s a wonderful thing to be on a mission.
As missionary call season comes, I would hope to help those preparing for a mission.  The things that have helped me the most out here is:

1) Studying the Book of Mormon, every page in that book is inspired and WILL help with everyday life.

2) PMG.  There are only 2 books written in the Temple, Jesus the Christ by Talmage, and Preach My Gospel. It is just as inspired as any other scripture we have.

3) "Feed My Sheep" by Elder Holland, and the "Character of Christ" by Elder Bednar. (neither of which are found on LDS.org – so Google them)

I love you all.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints IS TRUE. It is Christ’s restored church on the earth.  The Book of Mormon is true.
I love all again. Thanks for Everything.

Elder Spencer D. Allred

Monday, March 31, 2014

Three's a.....Trio!

March 31, 2014
Hey Family!!!!!!!

Transfers have come and gone, and while Elder Powell and I are still together, we got a third companion. Elder Briseno.  He’s from the Los Angeles area and has been out for 4 months; a light green missionary.
We’re seeing a lot of miracles here in the great I.C. We have had some great things happen with the area. We’re finding a lot more people to teach, the hearts of the people are open and willing to learn more. We have a couple of really golden investigators.

There’s a lot of blessings that come from sacrifice.  We have sacrificed a lot.  Attitude and Effort are EVERYTHING!!
Sorry the Email is so short, but were off to baptize the city!!  We have a lot to do, and we are behind for the day.

Love you all and remember the Lord and all that he does for you!!!

Elder Spencer Allred

Monday, March 24, 2014

Transfers & Temples

March 24, 2014
This week was AWESOME!!

The highlight of the week would definitely be the Temple. We got to go to the NauvooTemple. And I loved it!! The spirit was so strong there. While we were there, a couple from our ward was taking out their endowment for the first time, (They were LA) And are slowly coming back to church.  It was cool to see them come back, and to see the spirit come out from them. They literally shone with the spirit.
My companion and I really came away on a spiritual "high".  And it was sweet to have some cool experiences. The next day, (Sunday, Yesterday) we were in Ward Council and our Bishop gives us 2 referrals of Non-Members coming to church that day.  They are the daughter of a  LA, and her non-member boyfriend. Joshua and Jasmine, and they are SUPER solid. They kept telling us how their church is wrong and some of the reasons why ours is correct.  So yesterday, we got 2 Referrals, 2 Member Present Lessons, (We keep track of those) AND 2 New Investigators.  Both of them want to be Baptized :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Area is on FIRE!!  We have our ups and downs, but when we’re low, the Lord can lift us HIGH. We have a couple people getting ready to have baptism dates soon, one with a date, and a lot more potentials who want to learn more. J
Transfers are on Thursday. I don’t think either one of us will be transferred.  But I will keep y'all posted.

The Church is True!! Find a missionary opportunity this week.  The Lord sets one up for members.  NO SUCH THING AS COINCIDENCES!!
Love You All.

Elder Spencer Allred.
PS. For those preparing for missions from the Ward, I want to hear from you, and I hope to help answer any questions or concerns.  

Monday, March 17, 2014

Kiss Me, I'm Iowaish :)

March 17, 2014

First off, I LOVE MY MISSION!!! We are seeing a lot of miracles and blessings here in Iowa City.
My Companion, Elder Powell is from San Diego, and he LOVES the weather here... J well at least when it gets up to 60 degrees.

We have a lot of people we’re teaching and can’t wait for them to truly come unto Christ.
So this week has been really good for us; and for me personally. In one of the mission apartments, I came across Glenn Becks conversion story. And he really emphasizes Thomas Jefferson's quote:

"Question with boldness even the existence of a god; because, if there be one, he must more approve the homage of reason, than that of blindfolded fear."

I had heard that quote before, (probably from Dad), but I had forgotten it, this week has been a soul search for my companion and I.
When I was first assigned to Iowa City, my companion told me that the first 6 months is figuring out HOW to be a Missionary. The next 6 months is WHO we are personally. The third 6 months is trying to put the two together, then the last 6 months is really when a missionary can reach his full potential, really excel, and be the best missionary that they will be in these 2 years. (I suppose Sisters accomplish this in less time)

Well, here I am at 7 months.  And it’s true, the Devil really is working on us. But glory to God, Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven!  I LOVE my mission.
Helaman 5:

12 And now, my sons, remember, remember that it is upon the rock of our Redeemer, who is Christ, the Son of God, that ye must build your foundation; that when the devil shall send forth his mighty winds, yea, his shafts in the whirlwind, yea, when all his hail and his mighty storm shall beat upon you, it shall have no power over you to drag you down to the gulf of misery and endless wo, because of the rock upon which ye are built, which is a sure foundation, a foundation whereon if men build they cannot fall.
2 Nephi 31:

20 Wherefore, ye must press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men. Wherefore, if ye shall press forward, feasting upon the word of Christ, and endure to the end, behold, thus saith the Father: Ye shall have eternal life.
Mosiah 5:

15 Therefore, I would that ye should be steadfast and immovable, always abounding in good works, that Christ, the Lord God Omnipotent, may seal you his, that you may be brought to heaven, that ye may have everlasting salvation and eternal life, through the wisdom, and power, and justice, and mercy of him who created all things, in heaven and in earth, who is God above all. Amen.
The Church is true, Jesus Christ is our Savior and OUR BEST FRIEND.  Joseph Smith is a prophet and was used to restore Christ’s church.  The Book of Mormon is true.  We invite all men to read and pray about it, Prove God and Question with Boldness.  He will confirm the truth of it.  Thomas S. Monson is the living Prophet today.

I love you all.
Elder Spencer D. Allred