Spencer Mission Picture

Spencer Mission Picture

Friday, October 18, 2013

Hey Ya'll


This last week was interesting.

We split our area, Waverly North and Waverly South. 

Elder Weilenmann and I are in Waverly North, and most of our investigators are now in the South with Elders Gray and (SO COOL) Elder Allred.   

Elder Allred is from the Price area. He and I both walked for Reddick Newton Allred :). Without fail, everyone we meet askes if we are related. We think we are.  :) This week we will be doing Family History Work :) (Your Welcome Grandma) 

This week has been hard.  Splitting my first area was hard.  We had NO idea what we were doing. Our Zone Leaders told us that it was our job to do it.  So we did.  :)  When Hard Things Fall upon us, Trust in the Lord.  He will Guide us. 

Another Trial, is that of creating a new lesson for Preach My Gospel.  Ok So its in my copy of it.  But I have been working to create a lesson to light a fire inside members to help the Missionaries.  It been Hard.  Alma tells us to use Boldness with no Ovebearance..  Im strugging with that.

How can I call a spade, a spade without burning the member trust? 

This week has not been so productive because of the split.  And its been hard.  Feeling unproductive. 

Like Grandpa Allred:  Those with the faith of Reddick Newton Allred will keep offering friendship even when it seems not to be needed or to have no effect. They will persist. When some new member reaches the point of spiritual exhaustion, they will be there offering kind words and fellowship. They will then feel the same divine approval Brother Allred felt when he saw those handcart pioneers struggling toward him, knowing he could offer them safety because he had followed counsel when it was hard to do. (Elder Erying, Finding Safety in Counsel)

Pray For Missionary Experiences.  Pray for those who have been prepared.

And Trust in the Lord.

Elder Allred.

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