Spencer Mission Picture

Spencer Mission Picture

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nov. 25, 2013
Mauri my Friends and Family!!!!!!
Transfers were this last Thursday. Elder Weilenmann went to Fairfield Iowa as a Zone Leader, and I have been blessed with Elder Tekenene from the Gilbert Islands.  Things have been positive for us.  We are meeting with a lot more members, whether they are Active, Less Active, or Part-Member.  We are not finding NEW investigators off the street. We are finding them in the homes where the gospel either is or once has been in.
Things are different with Elder W gone. We are out of the apartment at 10 instead of 11 (Because Im done training) and because Elder T, has never been in Waverly,  It's  MY job to schedule the first week or so.  OH and he has no licence since he lives on an island. So I am now the Companionship driver. :) It's been fun.  The coldest it has gotten is about 5 degrees in the day and -2 at night.  This week will be a little warmer at around 20 degrees and about 10 at night :) So I am now an Elder-Pop.  With the Humidity here, it soooo cold.  But we get through it. :) 
We have a date set with Nick, for Dec. 14.  But sad to say, Elishyia is on the verge of dropping us.  She went to Solid as a Rock to Softer than the Sand.  :( Please pray for her.  She's been so great and we don't want to loose her.

To the Priests (I havent done this in a while) : Study the third missionary lesson in P.M.G.  Then please report to the Bishop or to me. (I'ld like to hear about it.)  I can Promise that if you sincerely study it, you will gain a better testimony of OUR Savior and the Atonement. Love YOU!!
To the Members: Search for and PRAY for missionary experiences.  Every time you share your testimonies, you WILL be blessed for it.  The greatest thing that we can do as members to share the gospel, is to share our testimonies.
Non-Members:  Remember our Savior Jesus Christ.  He atoned for all because He loves us.  God blesses our families and He, Christ and the Holy Ghost are ONE in purpose. I extend a Missionaries invitation and promise.  Read Moroni 10:3-5.  Our church is not one to replace religions or faith. Simply to add to the faiths that you do have.  We want to help build that faith. And if you will ask in faith about the Book of Mormon, or this Church. By the Power of the Holy Ghost, you will know that these things are true.  I can promise that. I can promise that because I have done it. I can say that I KNOW these things are true because I followed the Invitation.  Please do so with faith.

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