Spencer Mission Picture

Spencer Mission Picture

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Nov 11,2013

Helaman 5:12
Hello Friends and Family.

This week was really good! 

We had stake conference, and the missionaries in the stake sang "Called to Serve".  It was so cool.  The adult session was devoted to Missionary work for the Members. They asked for members that night to stand up and share a recent missionary experience, and it was so cool to see and hear members share their experiences and also share their testimony of missionary work.

This week was different.  We only had 5 lessons with investigators.  The rest that we were able to teach were Less Actives/Recent Converts (LARCs) And Member Lessons.  So were working a lot with the members.  Our experience with the members has been positive.  We are starting to soften their hearts into sharing the gospel with their friends. 

So in my last letter I referred to "Every Member, a Missionary" our Member lesson.  We have found people who have been prepared (Alma 13:22-24).  Now the challenge is to share the gospel with them.  We must overcome the fear to act and share.  We have found that the spirit truly testifies when members bear their testimonies of the gospel.  Please: This week FIND an opportunity to do so.  I can promise that you and them will be blessed for it.

The members have such a power.  Missionaries come and go, the REAL full time missionaries in an area are the loving members of the wards or branches.    Elder Holland Said :   "Indeed, one of the axioms of our day is that no mission or missionaries can ultimately succeed without the loving participation and spiritual support of the local members working with them in a balanced effort. If today you are taking notes on a stone tablet, chisel that one in deeply. I promise you won’t ever have to erase it. Initial investigators may come from many different sources, but those who are actually baptized and who are firmly retained in activity in the Church come overwhelmingly from friends and acquaintances known to members of the Church." 

There will still be struggles.  Missionary work is... well WORK.  Nothing comes easy, it was hard for the Savior and it will be hard for us.  Waverly is starting to soften their hearts towards us. We are talking to more people than we used to; the challenge is to now teach them in their homes.  A scripture that I've always liked is Alma 26:26-30.  We are out here laboring and hoping that we can effect SOME of God's children. We have been working hard and somewhat persecuted, but we are now starting to see the tender mercies of the Lord. 

Pray for us. We need your prayers.  Waverly Branch is hurting and we need strength to come. 

I love you all so much and I thank you for all of your examples.


Elder Allred

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