Spencer Mission Picture

Spencer Mission Picture

Monday, June 23, 2014

Roadcars and transfers!

Yes, it's true, I got Transferred.
So My Mission has been thus far: Waverly Iowa, a town of about 8-10 thousand people. Next was Iowa City, a city of about 50 thousand. NOW, I'm in Knoxville, by far my smallest area, of about 5-6 thousand people. And its like serving with the Lamanites. Every member I talk to say that the people are not really receptive. There's a town in our area called Pella, and a  member this morning told me that there is now righteousness in Pella.  IM GONNA BAPTIZE IT :)
:) Things are looking really good in the area, despite what people say.  The branch is about 60 people and we meet in a multi purpose room.  Yesterday we were asked to teach the young men and woman about the priesthood.  So in the lesson I dive in and start having people interact and use them as examples. I would call on a young-man who is 14 and ask as a 14 year old would he be comfortable talking to God (Leading in to the Restoration of the Priesthood with Joseph Smith) He said No, then I asked everyone, "Here is a 14 year old that you all know, would you believe him if he told you he Talked to God?" Than this young woman about 17 starts laughing and says that she has no clue who the boy is. He looks at me and states that he is just visiting today.  (FACE PALM) This happened not once but 3 times to people.  I asked a girl what the Priesthood meant to her, and she states that she's a non member coming with her friend. Which Is GREAT!!!! But I think I need to know the Branch a little more before I do object lessons. 
So... On another note.  We rode a Roadscar today around town SOO FUN!!! Pics coming soon!!
Elder Allred

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