Spencer Mission Picture

Spencer Mission Picture

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Flood

Friends and Family,

This has been a crazy week for us. It's gone by so fast!

Monday was the worst P-Day ever! We did absolutely nothing.  And I ran out of paper and Envelopes so I couldnt write letters. But it seriously wasn't fun, P-day ends at 6 and normally we have lessons filled to the brim on Mondays.  But we didn't then. So off to finding we go.  After not finding anyone interested, we went back home.  We then saw K and B, they live 3 houses down from us. And had a GREAT Lesson with them.  Their son S is also really interested in learning more. 

Tuesday we have service at the YMCA, it's an alright service, yard work for 2 hours, but it needs to be done.  Then our day was filled with lessons.  And it really set the tone for the week.

Wed-Sunday we were non stop teaching it seemed. We taught 27 lessons this week, which is HUGE!! Were finding a ton of people to teach.  We have 8 people on date, and I wan to ask you to pray for them specifically.  All of them are solid but they still need help.

RN- Sep. 20
K and B N- Sep 20
A Family (A family of 5) - Oct 4
Theres also N who wants to be a member just cant give up some stuff.  Please pray for his heart to be softened.
I really love Quincy! The weather has started to be better. And I really love the people here.  It's funny, a lot of the ward members here remind me of several people from the home ward.
On Sunday we had a combined meeting talking about Elder Bednars talk on the Modern Technology. ( https://www.lds.org/prophets-and-apostles/unto-all-the-world/to-sweep-the-earth-as-with-a-flood?lang=eng ) If you havent yet, I would invite you to listen or read this and STUDY it.  It's not very often an Apostle "Exhorts" us to do something. And this is direct revelation from God to US for the World.  We would be wise to follow it.  :) As a Missionary, we LOVE Media Referrals, and This is a great way to share the Gospel in an easy way. And to Refer the Missionaries to friends.  Missionary experiences are great. If you want to be a better Member, or Strengthen your Testimony of the Savior.  The BEST way is to share the Gospel. 
I could go on and on about the reasons and blessings of sharing the Gospel.  But as a Missionary and a Watchman called of God, The best reason why we need to share the Gospel is because God has said so.  The Nike slogan fits well.  "Just Do It".
Thanks so much for all of your support!!
Labor day through off our groove a little bit. But ALL IS WELL IN QUINCY!!!
Love You ALL
Elder Spencer Allred

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