Spencer Mission Picture

Spencer Mission Picture

Monday, February 17, 2014

Hakuna Matata

February 17, 2014

SO its been a crazy past couple days.  I did end up getting transferred, I am now in..... IOWA CITY!!!  I love the big city!!  I’m in the 2nd ward which consists mostly of families with 2 kids and the youngest one has to be 3 years old (its a requirement for this ward)   A LOT of kids.
A couple of cool new things.

My new comp is a good friend of mine already, we served around each other in my previous zone.  Elder Powell.  He is so great :)
I dropped studying Spanish.  And now, because of the African and Asian population here, they have asked all elders and sisters in the IC area to study and become fairly fluent in either, French, Swahili, or Mandarin.  My Companion and I are studying Swahili and Mandarin. :) So if anyone knows of any study helps, please let me know. :)

We have a couple investigators.
Boni is a 17 y/o form the Congo (Africa) He is the one that will be helping us most with Swahili. He reminds me a lot of Ben Sumsion, don't know why, just his mannerisms and the way he conducts himself with quiet power. He is slowly progressing but I really fell that he will be baptized this transfer.

Limao and Jing Chen, are also African. The are from.... just kidding....they are from Asia :) They are fluent in Mandarin and know very little English,  we have to really simplify our way of teaching with them.
AND There is a woman in the Cedar Rapids area that has agreed to meet with us. She's really great, I had the opportunity to talk with her a little and I am SUPER excited to see her again.  Her name is Tracy Volner.  :D!!!!  She is actually a long time friend of my mom.  I am excited to meet her.

President had also announced that he wants Missionaries in an area for AT LEAST 6 Months!!! So I hope I am staying here for a while. :)   So much for my last letter thinking that 6 months was a long time!  ....lesson on humility....getting it, still need more! J
I love my mission :) I'm having a blast!!!  The church is so true.  It is amazing to see how people struggle when they try to “do it their own way”.  In reality, the Gospel simplifies our lives and following it to our best ability brings true joy.  The more we “do it His way” the simpler and more joyful our lives become!

Nakupenda,  (I LOVE YOU)

Elder Allred

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