Spencer Mission Picture

Spencer Mission Picture

Monday, February 3, 2014


February 3, 2014

Hello Friends and Family!!

This week has been fun.  Sunday and Monday were too cold again to go out to do normal work.  I feel so worthless at the times that we can’t do anything.  On top of the cold, my companion got sick. So we spent another 2 days in the apartment. NOT FUN!

This week was really abnormal I guess is the right wording. This week I had some of the most powerful lessons I've had while on my mission.

Debbie: She's become a good friend of mine. She has always lacked desire to really know if this is true. BUT, this last week, we had a POWERFUL lesson with her. And she accepted a baptismal invite! I'm so excited for her!

Caitlin: Is a new investigator who has already announced to her family that she is Mormon. She likes the feeling of church and has been coming for a solid couple of months.  And we had yet another powerful lesson with her.  And she accepted a date for March 1!

We are seeing so many miracles and blessings!

Katherine: We were at the library and she came to us and asked if there was a Mormon church in town.  We told her where to find it.  She let us know that she is a member from California, and just didn’t get her records moved.  Upon further investigation while talking with her, we discovered that she has yet to be baptized!  She investigated and had all the missionary lessons but moved before anything more could happen.  She wants to continue on the path and come to church!

We are so blessed, I only wish I could see the end result.  Sad to say that Transfers are on the 13th, and I really feel that this is the one for me. So send Mail from now on to the mission home please. AND Pray for these people. The Lord has so much in store for those who exercise faith in Him.

Love you all!

Elder Allred

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