Spencer Mission Picture

Spencer Mission Picture

Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 5

Hey Everyone!!

So this has been a pretty eventful week.
Knoxville is going great!  Were seeing so many miracles.  Its cool to see the experiences from past areas taking effect in this one.  I've taken what I learned from Iowa City envolving Member Missionary work, and were using it in our little branch.  And its working Great!! Wards and Branches are encouraged now to hold 2 council meetings a month and to center it around Hastening the Work.  Were now being used more effectively to not only teach Investigators, but Less Actives as well. Were receiving more referrals from our Branch and the members are so willing to do missionary work.  We LOVE it!!
We now have 10 investigators, and starting to  sort out wheat from tares.  Its sad to drop people, but this Work is a Serious Work. And if the people we teach cant take it seriously and willingly. Than were wasting our time with them.  But for every dropped investigator, We are blessed with more people to teach. :)  And it really is fun! I'm having a blast,  I think I finally know what it means to lose yourself in the work.  A day at Lagoon goes by so fast, because of how much fun it is. A day of Chores goes by slow because there is NO fun involved.... (Dad n Mom ;) 
But my Mission has been Super Fun.  And it's going by so fast!  Lose yourself in the work, and Enjoy to the End! 
There's a man were teaching, R. He has EDS, basically he can't do anything but stay at home. His skin is super thin and it's like rubber, His joints dislocate real easy, And he is really sick a lot.  However his sickness though, he knows its for a reason.  Yesterday me and him had a great talk about his illness and my unique situation with my Kidneys.  And we both just came to the conclusion that for some reason that we don't know, God gave us our blessings that might affect someone in the future. I left our conversation telling myself that although I may not know why I am the way I am, but there's a reason behind it.
Well, the Missions great. My companions are some of the people I know. And ALL IS WELL!!! Gotta love being an Elder!!!

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