Spencer Mission Picture

Spencer Mission Picture

Monday, August 25, 2014

Humidity is not fun!

Hey Friends and Family!!
First off, Thanks for all the support and Love you have given me.  You all have truly helped me become the missionary I am now.
This week was on fire for us!  We are constantly teaching and finding people.  We have 9 people on a Baptismal Date for next transfer. And all of them have expressed their excitement for that date.  We are helping them overcome some addictions, but as they turn their will to the Lord they WILL succeed!!! 
Im in a full time Walking area, no car. But despite the 90 degree weather, Plus the 80% Humidity, We are being blessed.  If God gave blessings for every sweat drop, I would be SUPER Blessed.  But I am blessed, by more than I could ever hope.  I love being a Missionary!  I love the people here in Quincy. We walk a lot around the Ghetto areas and nothing but the love of the people exist. I'm also starting to find a new love for the game of Baseball.  Everyone watches it here. I am probably the Only Nationals fan out here in the ocean of Cardinals, but all is well because from what I've heard The Nationals are the #1 Team this year :) #GONATS!! 
We were stopped by the police a couple of nights ago.  They told us to get out of the area because it was 9 at night, and they were afraid that we might get jumped.   My companion perked up and said he must have underestimated that ghetto because he's from San Jose.  The cops gave him a blank stare then told us to hurry home before trouble comes.  Well,  It was nice of them to care so much for us missionaries, But really we dont have a fear of the ghetto.  Im packing a knife :)  But the Badge really does help, and not to mention the leagues of Angels that walk with us on a daily basis.  :) I LOVE MY JOB!!
The Humidity really isn't fun though, but I've had the weirdest feeling here in Quincy.  I know I'm going to revisit Waverly, I.C, and Knoxville.  But for some reason, I really feel more at home here in Quincy. I dont think I'd have a problem moving back here, But thats a conversation for another day. 

I love it here, I hope that had been an obvious factor.  Love is so key to a missionaries work.  Love is a guiding power.  I work because I love. 

And I love you guys! Thanks for Everything, Every conversation we've had I can pull something out of and use it in my Missionary work!!
Elder  Spencer Allred

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