Spencer Mission Picture

Spencer Mission Picture

Monday, March 10, 2014

Hey You Guys!!!

March 10, 2014
I’m such a Goonie. (get it? "Hey you guys...")

This week was really good for us.
We set a date with Zido for April 19.

Boni is doing great and we are still working with his parents to let him get baptized.
I LOVE IC!!  It is so cool to serve in Iowa City.  The area I’m in used to only get around 5 lessons a week, now we’re getting close to 15, the work is picking up.  The snow is melting and it is a whopping 55 degrees J SO WARM.

My companion is from San Diego, and can really testify that God has a sense of humor because, as of Saturday, this winter is the 3rd coldest winter that Iowa has ever seen.  But we all are doing really well.
We’re finding a lot more people from Africa, and they are too cool!  They all have super strong testimonies of God. One dude we were talking to was saying that "our church must be true if we’re out here in the cold, away from our families for two years."  We smiled and just said "YUP"   We have a scheduled appointment with him for every Saturday now J let’s pray he keeps them!

This is truly sacred ground.  I LOVE IOWA!!!  It truly is a wonderful time to be on a mission.  I LOVE my Mission!!
Please continue writing letters, I love to hear what is going on.

The church is true!! Thomas S. Monson is our loving prophet today and Jesus Christ stands as the head of this church.
I Love You ALL!!!

The church is true!!!!!!
Love, Elder Allred

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