Spencer Mission Picture

Spencer Mission Picture

Monday, March 24, 2014

Transfers & Temples

March 24, 2014
This week was AWESOME!!

The highlight of the week would definitely be the Temple. We got to go to the NauvooTemple. And I loved it!! The spirit was so strong there. While we were there, a couple from our ward was taking out their endowment for the first time, (They were LA) And are slowly coming back to church.  It was cool to see them come back, and to see the spirit come out from them. They literally shone with the spirit.
My companion and I really came away on a spiritual "high".  And it was sweet to have some cool experiences. The next day, (Sunday, Yesterday) we were in Ward Council and our Bishop gives us 2 referrals of Non-Members coming to church that day.  They are the daughter of a  LA, and her non-member boyfriend. Joshua and Jasmine, and they are SUPER solid. They kept telling us how their church is wrong and some of the reasons why ours is correct.  So yesterday, we got 2 Referrals, 2 Member Present Lessons, (We keep track of those) AND 2 New Investigators.  Both of them want to be Baptized :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Area is on FIRE!!  We have our ups and downs, but when we’re low, the Lord can lift us HIGH. We have a couple people getting ready to have baptism dates soon, one with a date, and a lot more potentials who want to learn more. J
Transfers are on Thursday. I don’t think either one of us will be transferred.  But I will keep y'all posted.

The Church is True!! Find a missionary opportunity this week.  The Lord sets one up for members.  NO SUCH THING AS COINCIDENCES!!
Love You All.

Elder Spencer Allred.
PS. For those preparing for missions from the Ward, I want to hear from you, and I hope to help answer any questions or concerns.  

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