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Spencer Mission Picture

Monday, March 3, 2014

It's not cold anymore, it's...

March 3, 2014
Hello Friends and Family!!

This week has been so good!! We have a new Investigator, Zido. And several progressing Investigators.
Zido, is a man from Congo, who just showed up to church, loved it so much that he kept coming back.  We taught him and asked if he wanted to be baptized, and his answer was "I was already planning on it".  He figured that he needed to in order to become a member!! :)

Boni is 16 and also from Congo, and he came to church yesterday and he fasted and prayed with us in order to know when he could get baptized. :)  Well... we haven’t met with him yet, but from what members told us, he LOVED Church.  In priest quorum they role played missionary work and he taught the bishop about the atonement.  The young men’s leader said that Boni testified that he knew the church was true and gave a powerful testimony of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.  He is so solid!!
Saw Traci this week also :) That was cool to meet up with her again. J

We had a lot of cool miracles this week, granted the weather SUCKS.  This week they said this is projected to be the coldest winter on record.  It’s not cold anymore, it’s beyond that.  Its... well, we’re in Sub Zero temps. So you can judge.
BUT, I love being a missionary; I love the Lord and this Gospel.  IT’S ALL TRUE!!! I would not be out in this weather if it wasn’t!!

Love you all!
(Please send me letters) J

Elder Allred

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