Spencer Mission Picture

Spencer Mission Picture

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day

So to those who were unable to be apart of Skype yesterday.  Talk to my parents.
Love You!
Elder Allred

Ok, So I'm not THAT mean ;)  It was a really fun week for us.  Elder Powell was transferred to Des Moines, and now Elder Briseno and I have Elder Newhouse as the new addition.  He's been out for 14 months, and is from Bonners Ferry Idaho.  He soo cool!!
We skyped at some members home, The Blackmons.  They're such good members. I love the members that help us out.  So My parents expressed a concern from my letters.  So just to clear some things out.  I have helped 2 people come unto Christ through baptism.  Sis. B(82) and Bro. N (18)  Both of which were in my first area.
Umm, I pulled a couple pranks, that may have back fired on me.  My Parents know the story, and I'm sure they'd love to tell it. ;)  I have loved ALL of my companions.  I was talking to a missionary who was going home the day I came in. And I had asked if had ever had a companion he didn't like.  And he said "Nope" He said that for each companion, he prayed that God would help him love them. And He promised that if I would do that I would legitimately love all of my companions and have a blast serving with all of them.  And so far that promise has held strong.
We have had some trials along the way.  People's agency is a wonderful thing!! (Sometimes)  But really, My Mission has been awesome! Both Areas I've been in have had awesome Members, And I have seen a lot of hearts touched and changed.  I got a fortune cookie the other day it said "The seeds of an idea you planted long ago are about to blossom"  Which is SWEET!! This last week in Waverly, a woman that Elder Keeley and I had found was baptized. NO COINCIDENCES!  Our work is not in vain.
I like the section in PMG about finding people, "No Effort Wasted"  Please read it if you have not.  But it really talks about how NO effort is wasted while sharing the Gospel.  A testimony shared is a testimony strengthened!
I Love You all!!
Congrats Jake and Cole. MAT. 25:21
Elder Allred

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