Spencer Mission Picture

Spencer Mission Picture

Monday, May 5, 2014

Up Up and Away!

Hey Everybody!!!
This was a fun week for us in I.C. Although we didn't teach that many lessons, it still felt like a fulfilling week. We have some very solid investigators who are progressing and getting ready for baptism in June. Were finding more and more people to teach, and we have been truly blessed for our efforts.

The ward is starting to work well with us. As we lose ourselves in the work and try to work more WITH our ward leaders, the work is going a lot more smoothly.  The wards been so great to us.
The last 2 weeks, our area is really picking up.  We had 4 new Investigators last week with several solid potential investigators this week.  Our Zone Leader was talking to us trying to figure out what happened to get it to explode.  By small and simple things.   We have 2 baptism dates on June 14, 2 hopefully on June 28.  and a couple more within the next few weeks.
I have a testimony, that as we continue to follow the Lord's commandments and work to the best of our abilities, the Lord WILL make up the rest and bless us.
I listen a lot to "His Grace is Sufficient" by Brad Wilcox.  I HIGHLY recommend it.  It puts Christ's atonement into such a different view.  Have you been saved by grace? And how we are changed by his grace?
Love you all!!
Elder Allred 

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