Spencer Mission Picture

Spencer Mission Picture

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Motorcycle Races and The Wheel in the sky keeps turning


This has been an interesting week for us. Aside from the events of last Sunday with the whole Devil thing. (see last letter for more details). This week turned out to be kinda weird for us. 

Normally we see our investigators at least once a week.  But because of high school graduations and summer parties, all we have been able to do is see less actives and active members, which is great!  But the graduations this week really hindered the work.  But we've had a lot of fun also.

One of the BIG Events this week was on Sunday we had a Missionary Homecoming and Farewell. And both talks were excellent. Made me realize how real the mission still is. And that it also ends.  I wish I could have been there for Brian's, but I'm sure he did an awesome job! (Shout out to Brian Lunt!!)  please keep me posted on any mission news from our ward!

Also, I wasnt driving; But one night this week we pulled next to a nice Honda CBR. And of course we were all checking out the bike.  Then, we had to try to beat him off the line when the light went green.  So we "tried"!! Man that bike was fast.  The best part was when the rider looked back at us gave us a thumbs up and then stood up on the bike with arms out stretched and drove off.  Seriously it was so cool. And really stupid of him (Right Dad?:) ) But It totally made our day.

But its crazy to see how time has flown. Im coming up on 10 months!!

the Church IS TRUE!!!!

Elder ALLRED, Spencer D.

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