Spencer Mission Picture

Spencer Mission Picture

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

***We wanted to be careful with names, so I just used their first initial.***

Hello Ya'll,

Things are going great!!! We got in the Des Moines airport around 1pm and had a very warm welcome from President and his Wife, they are so great!  We then went to the mission home for an orientation and preparation for the next days transfer meeting.  All the Elders except 4 went and stayed with the AP's, and the 3 other Elders and myself stayed at the mission home with President Jensen, and all the Sisters.

The next day we went to Iowa City for transfers, that meeting was so great. We learned a lot of cool stuff, and had a blast watching everything happen with getting our companions.  I was transferred to Waverly, IA, with Elder Weilenmann as my companion and Trainer.  As President told me, "I have been Birthed". Waverly is about 2 hours out of Iowa City, and what a drive.  Iowa is actually pretty cool. It has a lot of rolling hills, lots of trees in some areas, and surprisingly... CORN, LOTS of Corn.  But Waverly is a small town with a predominately Lutheran background.

My first day (Thursday), we met with Ms. B, an 81 year old woman who is Methodist. (however you spell it). And she's pretty great.  She told us that she did not want to make any commitments to any church unless God said so.  We've met with everyday so far after that.  We then on Sat. invited her to church. Which she said yes, and apparently she has gone to church every week since June.  We then had an AMAZING spiritual experience with her. We read Moroni 10:4-5, and she said that she would pray about Baptism , and that on Sunday we would see her answer on her face. She then expressed her feelings that she wanted a lesson on the Holy Ghost.  At that moment Elder W and I have the biggest grin on our faces. Previously that morning, before going out, we had prayed about what Ms. B needed to hear, and we felt a prompting to write down "Ms.B-The Holy Ghost and the role it plays in our lives" in our planners.  After showing her what we wrote that morning, we left Ms. B in the spirit and let her think about what took place.

So the next day (Sunday) we get up for a 9:00am church meeting and beeline it to Ms. B's house to pick her up for church. She answered the door to let us in, and she said that she had prayed and felt nothing. 

What a disappointment. :(  we then went to church, and felt like Elder W and I should revisit Ms.B again that day.  So we went over later on Sunday and just talked to her about the promptings of the Spirit. We bore her our testimonies and shared our favorite scriptures, and the Joseph Smith story. And Boldly told her that she has already received her answer.  After a minute or two of silence, She asked what to wear for baptism, and asked us to pray for a date. :D.  SOO Exciting!  It has taken from the END of May till September to have her finally commit to Baptism.

Lesson Learned: Be Bold. Follow the Spirit, and (DAD ;) ) Patience is key in everything. 

So far I am 6 days in the Field, and things are going great! 

Later today were meeting with a 12 year old (Miss A) to invite her to Baptism, and some other Progressing Investigators.  The Rock of the Savior is on the Move!! 

To the Priests Quorum:  STUDY, STUDY, STUDY! Read Preach my Gospel. Take Notes in Seminary and learn the Gospel to the point that you can explain it to a child in sunbeams. So far, one of the Hardest things I have to learn, is simplicity. Make the Gospel so simple that it literally rolls off the tongue.

Love You ALL,
Till Next Time.
Elder Allred

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