Spencer Mission Picture

Spencer Mission Picture

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The latest letter!
Sept. 23, 2013
Hey Everyone.

This week.  It was interesting. 

Monday we had F.H.E at the Smiths house, and played Settlers of Cataan.  It was really fun. Then we saw Betty. She is sooo solid. I CANT believe that her baptism is this weekend! She has come a long way and grows in the Spirit and Faith everyday. 

On Tuesday we did a lot of service.  We gardened for the community garden, worked for the Library. And did all we could for members and random people. We filled out Betty's baptism record, (That was fun).  Betty has been Married twice. Her and Tom, her first husband, were divorced in.... I think the late 50's early 60's. (She was Born in 1931, and old enough to be my Great Grandma!!!) Well she's 81.  Glenn, her Second Husband, died in 1998. And they were married for 20 something years.  So it was really hard asking her questions for her record, about her marriages.  But all is well with her. 

Wednesday I had my first exchange. SOO FUN! Elder Aiasau (a Polynesian) wanted to exchange and be my companion.  He's one of our Zone Leaders and is such a good guy.  I learned a lot from him, he had a different way of teaching.  I cant really explain it, but he has such a way with people that they really open up to him.  He told me after exchanges that he would not be surprised if I were training my next companion. (JOURNAL MOMENT!) elder Weilenmann is such a good guy also! He has taught me so much. After he's done training me I will be sad to let him go. We (Elder Aiasau and I) went and saw Betty which turned out really well. Then we went and saw Elishyia and Dawn.  Please pray for them.  I can't go into what happened.  Just keep them in your Prayers.

Thursday.  We had a Zone Training meeting all on how to use the Members for missionary work.  We've changed our direction as missionaries.  We are to encourage and teach members how to become missionaries,  they are to give us referrals and then both the member and the missionaries go and teach.  We are to have at least 10% of members help us in a ward or branch.  We have 80 members in our Branch, and........20 are helping us! That's 25% member Help, and Waverly Branch is leading the Zone in member help.  However,  the members are still getting used to the idea of referrals.  They really like the excuse, "I have No more friends to share the gospel with. I've shared it with everyone i know."  Sorry, but that's a cop out.  Members NEED to help the missionaries.  It really makes it easy for us to teach lessons, reach goals, and to serve. 

Friday we did some finding. And everyone here is nice, but just not interested. we taught some lessons to a couple of member. But it was kinda a downer day. 

Saturday we had a full day planned with lessons and finding, supper at a members house, all was good.   The Durbans cancelled our supper Witt them. The people we had scheduled with all "became" busy.  We had 2 things that were good though, we did service at Lauretta's ( I USED A CHAINSAW!!) We were cutting some trees down, then we talked to her about the Book of Mormon some more.  She had read the story of Nephi and Laban.  And she called Nephi ( One of Elder Weilenmann's and mine heroes) A schizophrenic, because he had heard voices that told him to kill someone in a very brutal manner. (Slap in the face) Both of us became a "little' frustrated and felt that we should bring out the Big Dog. We are having read 3 Nephi chapter 11, and Moroni 10. We also invited her to Bettys baptism, she is coming :) And we also saw Betty. Which is always good :)

Sunday.........  We had invited 4 investigators to come to church, and all said they would.  Betty showed up, and that was it.  We had Dinner with the Ackersons after church at 1 (we have 9 am church) we committed them to share the gospel with 3 people that week.  Then we went to some investigators places and shared brief messages. At 5:30 we had supper at the Larsens and played apples to apples.  Bro. Larsen is our Branch Mission Leader and we talked more about splitting our area. ( Oh BTW, Were getting sisters next transfer. so its up to us to split our area).

It seems like this week was a success, but in reality. We only met one of our goals.  Soo, ya.  But something I learned this week......  ROTFLSHTIDMHAP (Rolling On The Floor, Laughing So Hard That I Dropped My Hat And Plow)  ;) 

But Seriously,  I learned a lot of ways to deal with people.  In a good way I mean. We are not the Teachers, we are Guides.  Strive to be the FOURTH MISSIONARY!! (Those of you who know/Google it will know what I mean) Priests and Mission Prepers. Read The Fourth Missionary. 

I Love You All.
Elder Allred

Till Next Time

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