Spencer Mission Picture

Spencer Mission Picture

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mom's note**** I didn't get these letters up when I should have. So here are the  latest.
Sept. 16, 2013
Hey guys.
This week has been... different.  We had a couple amazing experiences, and a couple frustrating ones.

To start off. We had Elder Gay from the 70 come and do a Mission Tour.  He Talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and how it effects our lives.  It was such a great experience!! However, a lot of the good stuff, he asked us to keep personal.  So I''m sorry to say that there is a lot that I can't tell you about that.  I hope you'll understand.  That was on Thursday. 

Monday through Wednesday... was ok.  Nothing really happened.  We had a lot of lessons, but most were to members or less actives that couldnt care less. :(  Kinda a Bummer. 

Friday...  Dateline NBC.  They were showing a speacial on Warren Jeffs, and the FLDS. We were soooooooooooooo lucky to have that program on while in the lesson with an investigator, Luaretta.  She kept aksing about Pophets, The Book of Mormon, and she refussed to turn off the program while we were there.  We finally convinced her to turn the volume down at least a little.  My companion handled it very well and answered a lot of her questions. I... Well.  I feel that I could've handled it a little better. I had stuff come to me that I should've said and didn't. Lauretta.. well... She is a 15 year old girl in a 80 yearolds body.  She says that she has read the Bible once and thats good for her. Shes memorized all the "12 comandments" (arent there 10?) And she feels that she can do anything and that the Book of Mormon has no need in her life.  Well...  Eat Drink and be Merry, for tomorrow we die, and it will be well with us. Sound familiar??  I kept quiet, until the end of the visit and until I got on the phone with Betty Spears ( 81 Year Old).  And Guess what she had been watching that night?!  

She was asking questions about Warren Jeffs and etc. I finally blew up on her. (my bad).  I had been so frustrated with the visit before, and now our Faithful Betty was being indoctrinated with these Falsehoods and Evils.  She asked what I thought of Warren Jeffs, and I told her that he is as far as a Prophet as anyone could be, and that he was as a full Anti-Christ.  I love Betty.  She than says to me. "Elder Allred.  Calm down.  I dont believe that a Prophet of God would do so horrible of things as this man has.  We have a prophet today.  We have Thomas S. Monson.  Calm down. I know that he is the Lords Prophet. SO STOP YOUR WORRYING!"           I needed that.  It's amazing to see how the Devils work and tools can lach a hold and bring down some,then Backfire, and end up strengthening the testimony of another. 

BUT>>>>  Both my companion and I needed a spiritual boost.  On Thurs. we got a call from the branches YM Pres. And after this phone call. This Sat we took a 3 hour drive to Nauvoo with the youth of the branch. And Specifically, the Temple :) :) :D Soo cool!!  We definitely needed this.  Its Tradition that every missionary who goes, buys the "Mission Ring" (Pics Below)  So we both got one. AND, I bought the 1830's version of the Book of Mormon!!! It is soo Cool!!

Then Yesterday (Sunday) We had yet another bummer day.  This Week has indeed been Bitter/Sweet. 

But.. Something cool.  Both my companion and I, after much prayer, feel that we will have a lot of success this week.  So please keep us and the good people of Iowa in your prayers.


Betty: (81 Year old)  She is sooo Great and Solid!  She is so excited for the 28th.  She keeps asking if we could practice for it, so she doesnt mess up :)  I love it!!

Betty: (Guatemala)  She is gone.  Well Kinda.  She is visiting Guatemala for 3 weeks so were trying to meet with her husband (He Stayed). But so far nothing.  Betty however. Asked if she could have the Lessons when she gets back. and she wants to keep cutting our hair.

Dawn:Shes doing well.  She was hospitalized for a day tho. She had an asthma attack.

Elishyia (Dawns Daughter):  Is doing Great. She is excited to be baptized, howver, we are still struggling to get her to church.

To the Priests:  I just realized, You might not be getting these.  Oh well.  To the Priests and all those who read this:  You have been so much of a help to me. You have seen me grow, and grew up with me.  I have been strengthened by each of you.  Remember, REMEMBER the Lord.  He is above all and yet With all.  He will Not leave us, There is never a time in our lives that he is not carrying us.  There are only one pair of footprints in the sand, and those are his. 

Keep reading, studying, and Please.  Keep The Faith, Hold to Rod.

Semper Fidelis and Kia Kaha.

Till Next Time
Elder Allred


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