Spencer Mission Picture

Spencer Mission Picture

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sept. 9, 2013
Where to start?

Life here is so great! It's not too humid, and ranges 70-85 degrees.

So to begin with the good stuff: Betty (the 81 year-old) is being baptized on the 28 of September!!  My companion has been here in Waverly since March, and has been teaching and working with her since May.  And he said that it was a true blessing for Her that I showed up.  Apparently his last companion was doing more damage than good.  So 5 days into the field and we have a baptismal date. 

 On Saturday, everything did not work out for us. People were just canceling appointments, we changed from service cloths to proselyting cloths at least twice. Finally we said ENOUGH.  We were in our service cloths and I did not want to change back.  So we than prayed to run into someone of need of service.  I felt prompted to go to the Larsens (Our Branch Mission Leader).  They weren't even home. But when my companion turned around to leave, he saw that a neighbor lady was working in her yard painting. :D. So we ran over and asked if we could help with something. Her immediate answer was, How Much?. After chuckling a little, we said service is for free, and for about an hour and half we did yard work and redecorating for her.  Her name is ..... Betty. She is from Guatemala and English is her Second language.  And it just so happened that I had a Spanish Book of Mormon (Dont ask, I just did, is that wrong?) So we gave her El Libro de Mormon. With our phone numbers in it.  Then she asked one of the greatest questions of ALL time.  Do we need haircuts?  She is a worker at SmartStyle in Walmart , and felt that she needed to give us haircuts.

After saying that we did, we scheduled a time that we could come back over to her house and get our Haircut. 

So it's starting to be a decent day, grant its like 6:00pm and were almost done.  So we went to see a lady named, Windy, she has had A LOT of trials lately, I cant go into detail because of them.

So we go to her house, and shes not there.  But her husband said that we can come back later in the week. So theres a plus.

At about 8, We than taught a 14 year old girl named,Elishyia (Alisha) She's the daughter of a recent convert. She came right out in the beginning of the lesson of the Restoration, and said that she believes in science.  We than explained to her that God is the Ultimate Scientist.  He had to know that glucose and hydrogen, makes water (I have a lot to learn) :P.  We then bore our testimony of Joseph Smith, and I invited her to be baptized... 

I said: "Elishyia, will you follow the example of your mom.."


(hold on, I haven't finished my question) "....And the example of Jesus Christ..."


(Seriously again?) "... And be Baptized by someone holding the proper authority of God?"


She was soo excited to be Baptized, she said yes 3, (THREE!) times. SOOO COOOL :)  The spirit was soo strong.  We then asked if she could be baptized on the first weekend of October. Our mistake. Conference is that weekend. So we asked about the second week, then later was reminded about Youth Conference that weekend.  SO Elishyia is gonna be baptized in the THIRD week of October. Hopefully. Please pray that nothing gets in Her way.

This was ALL on Saturday. 

Sunday:  Our Branch yesterday had 75 people show up to church yesterday.  Talk about Culture Shock!!  Betty (81) has become a Grandma to Elder W, and I.  Were at her house everyday and we eat lemon poppy seed muffins and continue to teach her about the gospel. So we went to her house later that day and told her about our day on Saturday, we just took it easy.  Than we were asked about a lunch appointment at 2, (FREE FOOD) so we went and ate spaghetti and played games. Then were asked by a different family for a 4 o clock dinner also that day (MORE FREE FOOD) So we graciously said yes and went to eat dinner at 4.  We had salad, garlic bread, and spaghetti.  Needless to say, Caleb would be in Heavan!! We than talked about our day more, and went to the apartment to relax for the rest of the night.  We studied and calculated our numbers/goals.  We did really well. We gained 2 new investigators, taught 8 lessons, shared 2 Book of Mormons. And have 2 baptismal dates set. Really good for one week and this area.

To the Priests and Future Missionaries: If you get anything from this, get this.  God is in control.  The Spirit guides and directs everything in a mission.  You cannot have a successful mission without the Spirit. Attitude and Effort are in EVERYTHING. Do not forget that.

I love you ALL.
Till next time.
Elder Spencer Duane Allred

ps. RISE AND SHOUT!!!! O.Y.M!!!  (and..... Go COUGS)


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