Spencer Mission Picture

Spencer Mission Picture

Monday, January 13, 2014

Jan. 13, 2014
Hey Ya'll!
Im alive and well! this week we had a very interesting week.  Sunday and Monday we were grounded because it was too cold to do anything.... (-18 WITH windchill, so really, like... negative 30)  So Sunday the four of us elders got together and had a Spiritually uplifting time. Then Monday, we went bowling with the youth of the branch, yet another spiritual uplifting time. :)

Tuesday was warm enough to go out and work, so we knocked and had some success, but overall out of the norm.  Wednesday was the same result.
THURSDAY! Nothing special happened.  EXCEPT MY BIRTHDAY!!  (You who didn't know, may now sing)  Betty called us that morning and asked to schedule an appointment for later that day.  So we went over and she had cupcakes and everything! Shes so great. We sang and had a great ole time! We then went to the Larson's and had yet MORE food :) Thanks MOM for the cake and special cheeseburgers!  I'll have you know that the other Elders LOVE it when I make it for them. I have seriously made them once a week. :) THANKS!!
Friday, was Zone Training Meeting. and that was... Well we were frozen in the church. During the meeting we got a phone call that said, because of the freezing rain and ice, our cars were grounded from moving unless for an emergency until further notice.  The sisters went home, and 18 of us Elders stayed the night at the church building. SO fun!!... Very Spiritually uplifting. :) But it WAS approved.  :)
OH! Saturday we got out and that night my comp and I went to a gas station, this man walked up to me, and asked which Elder I was.  I told him Elder Allred, and he lit up, smiled and was so excited. He told me something very cool, he asks me if my mom was Stephanie. I said yes and exclaims "DUDE! I MADE YOUR BIRTHDAY CAKE!!" LOL :) I couldnt help but laugh. :) We talked a little, then he left.  But your cake mom, influenced more than my stomach :)
It was a good week :)
Thanks yall for your prayers and love.
Love, Hope and Charity. :)
Elder Spencer Allred

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  1. Dear Elder Allred's mom-
    My name is Marlene Keeley, and one of our relatives stumbled upon this blog when they were looking for info about missionary life in Waverly. Your son and ours are companions!
    And another of our relatives who lives in AF went to high school with your son down there--her name is Gretchen Gilbert, and one of her band/guard friends is good friends with your Spencer.
    I hope it is ok that I am checking periodically for an update on your blog. It might be fun to hear about their life of serving, from another perspective besides that of our Daniel. Sounds like they are having great success!
    Dan's blog is fromsmoottoiowa.blogspot.com. (From Smoot to Iowa..) because we live in Smoot Wyoming.
    Thanks for sharing Spencer's blog!
    I will be perfectly content for you to delete this comment after you read it--just didn't know another easy way to contact you. thanks!