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Spencer Mission Picture

Monday, January 20, 2014

What A Rookie Move

January 20, 2014
Hey Ya'll,
Well, this week was probably the most fun and interesting week so far.
Caitlin is a new investigator that we are so blessed to teach.  She is Lutheran and has the mindset that "converting" is just to change churches.  SO, She has announced to her family that she is now Mormon, and wants to stay that way.  We have only taught one lesson, but she has come to more church functions than some of the “active” members.  She is struggling with Priesthood Authority and she needs to get over that concern to baptize.  She is reading the Book of Mormon and Praying.  Hopefully she opens her heart to current Priesthood holders.  :)
Debbie is slowly progressing. She has come to church a couple of times, and is reading her scriptures. The only thing she needs is a desire to pray about the Book of Mormon.
I have learned that people don’t join the church because of what they know; they join because of what they feel.  If people will feel the spirit bare testimony of truth of either The Book of Mormon or Joseph Smith or current priesthood authority, then this work would be a cake walk. The real work comes when we have struggles to overcome and then help those people desire to change old habits and add to their religion.
We’re seeing a lot of success here in Waverly.  We have a lot of potential in this smaller town.  Because of some old habits in the ward, and by previous elders, we’re almost stuck in a rut with the members here. Some new rules have come out and we are trying to implement them.  However,  some of the members just don't like the changes that are happening, so there is a bit of a clashe between the Members and Missionaries.
I am not suggesting any fault.  Changes are not comfortable, and a lot of what has been done has been successful.  “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  Well, what if there is a better way?  A wood wheel wasn’t bad, and it worked, but a steel wheel with a radial air-inflated tire is tons better.  That’s hard to accept sometimes.
So ya. That’s a rundown of Waverly Branch.
NOW : The Rookie Move:
Saturday night, the South Elders asked me if I would make special cheeseburgers for dinner. So I made them and all went well...  We then had to drive those Elders home because we are in a car share, and we are the assigned stewards of the care.  Elder Musick forgot something in my apartment so he and I went up to get it, but when I walked up to the door...Locked.  My keys, my wallet, EVERYTHING, was locked in our apartment.  Luckily Elder Keeley (My Comp) had his wallet and the car keys, but not the apartment key.  I had locked us out.  Remember this is Saturday night, and as a Missionary it is required that we wear suits to Church.  So we had to borrow suits from the South Elders, and wear their cloths for Sunday.
Now, being the “smart” Elder that I am.  I called our Landlord to get the door unlocked, but he didn't answer. So I got a hold of his son through some searching, and he told me that our Landlord was in Florida on vacation and would not be taking ANY calls for at least a week.  (Dad, DONT DO THAT ;) ) So we stayed the night again with the South Elders.
This morning we had a locksmith come and "Attempt" to get us in. He ended up drilling the dead bolt because it wouldn't pick.  So I now have to call our Landlord and let him know the full story. 
I am learning what it means that, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.”  So, I don't feel like such an idiot, because all the other Elders here have done it before, so it was bound to happen to me.  Or they were just making me feel good.  Either way, I’ll take it! J
That's my life as a Missionary this week. Love you all.
(I need a "Catch Phrase" to sign off my letters, any Ideas)
Kia Kaha - Simper Fidelis
Elder Allred

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