Spencer Mission Picture

Spencer Mission Picture

Monday, April 28, 2014

4 new, 2 sick

This was another great week for us!  The work is really picking up.  This week we had a lot of time to fix up some things in our area. We're doing a lot of clean up work now, which basically means starting over.  We've lost some investigators do to them moving, but this week we picked up 4 new investigators!! And I need to get back on my Swahili studies because all 4 are from different parts of Africa.   We have Abedo (50's), and his daughter Beatrice (20's), the speak more French than anything else, and they're from Togo Africa.  And we also have Talisa (14) and Nestorina (16) both speak Swahili and English, from Tanzania.
Our ward is split between 2 Elder companionships. Us: Elders, Powell, Briseno, and Me :). And the South side Elders, Mckell and Bennion. Just as an FYI.
Elder Mckell and Bennion had a baptism on Saturday. It was really cool to see a golden investigator really progress.  We were asked to share a message on the Restoration during the baptism. It was super cool because the spirit really took over.  Yet another witness that the messages we share is true.
But amongst all of the success this week.  There were a pair of sick Elders on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I'm fine now, got a 24 hour bug.  But my Comp has got something pretty bad.  So please pray for Elder Briseno. We don't know what's happening with him.
It's really cool to know that when were unable to work, the Lord still has a way of helping us out in our area.  Abedo and Beatrice became new Investigators on Tuesday. Elder Powell went out with a member to teach Abedo.  And so many more miracles.  So lesson learned,  If you're sick, trust in the Lord that all will be ok.
Things are going really well!! I love being a Missionary!! We get to see so many cool things.
Love you all!!
The Church is True!!
Elder Allred.

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